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9th Wonders! is a comic book Hiro Nakamura uses to help him, so he knows what to do. It was written by Isaac Mendez, who can see the future.[1]

9th Wonders! shows Hiro's, and his friend and partner, Ando Masahashi's future. In the most recent episodes, the 2008-2009 series, Hiro loses his memory. And, knowing about the comics, takes him to a comic book store, after making his transport to the U.S., as they were in the Sahara desert, in Africa. In a comic store, Hiro finds all of the 9th Wonders! comics and the two other people there are shocked to see two comic book characters having a pre-written conversation with them.[source?] After seeing every comic the store had, Hiro, Ando, and Matt Parkman were stuck. There was a missing piece of the puzzle. The clerk tells them about a legend that Mendez had one last issue, which he left with a mailman after he died. The group, now consisting of Matt, Hiro, and Ando, find this man and get the last issue, which said Hiro was to go back to the past with Claire when she was given to Noah Bennet.



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