"A Clear and Present Danger" is the first chapter of Volume Four of Heroes. It originally aired on February 2, 2009.

Overview Edit

In her apartment, Tracy (who answers in a rather seductive tone) gets a call from the governor and turns on her television where she finds Nathan being interviewed about a new threat to the world. Tracy tells the governor she doesn't know a thing about it and she hasn't spoken to him in two months. When Tracy hangs up and changes into a bathrobe, she notices that her bathroom window is open. Suspicious, she looks around her apartment and finds a man in a commando outfit. Tracy tries to freeze him but it doesn't work because he is insulated. Tracy runs, trying to avoid him, but is confronted by more men. Tracy tells them she refuses to beg questions them about what they want before being shot by their leader. The men tie her hands and cover them with gloves as the leader calls Nathan that they got "the first one".

Hiro takes Ando to a fire station and explains that it's now their lair. He presents Ando with a new spandex costume and explains that superheroes must hide their identity. Ando figures that Hiro wants to live through him, and his power is worthless. Hiro disagrees and says it's his destiny to be a superhero. Ando disagrees and Hiro reveals the Ando-cycle, complete with a communications link to their "lair". Hiro can track his location with a GPS implant, and injects Ando with the implant. He explains he has a GPS as well, and the system is keyed to the password of someone he cares about. Ando insists he has had enough and rides away on the Ando-cycle.

Peter is working as a paramedic and dealing with a car accident victim. He's unable to save the victim and his partner Hesam finally pulls him off when Peter refuses to give up. Peter insists he could have saved him, had he been stronger.

Claire is going over college brochures when her grandmother, Angela, comes in and says that an elite education is vital. Claire isn't so sure but Angela explains she and her fathers, Noah and Nathan, discussed this at length and they all want Claire to have a normal life. Claire worries about Sylar but Angela insists that he is dead. Her granddaughter doesn't believe her, saying that her father, Noah, keeps going on trips and she'll find Sylar if no one else believes her.

In Baltimore, Sylar goes to a watch shop and picks up a watch. The owner, Martin Gray, comes in and points a shotgun at him thinking he's a thief. Sylar asks where he lived 27 years ago and if he walked out on his family. Sylar says he is Martin's son and has some questions for him.

Daphne superspeeds back into her apartment where Matt is eating. She says she's been working but he's unhappy that she's been using her powers when he's refused to. He wants to live a normal life but she insists it's boring. However, as he talks, a vision of Usutu appears to him. Daphne, who can't see it, says she'll go along with his plans.

As Claire is coming downstairs, she overhears Angela talking to someone on the phone. Claire listens in on the other line and hears her father, Nathan, talking to Angela, who tells him about Claire's concerns. Nathan tells Angela they must keep Claire home and away from Matt and Peter because they're going to capture Matt and Peter as part of his government operation to round up people with special abilities. He emphasizes that he wants to keep Claire as far away from this entire operation as possible. As Angela spots her granddaughter listening in, Claire sees that Angela has seen her. As Claire leaves, Angela tells Nathan they have a bigger problem. 

Martin explains that he's a different person now and that it was a mistake to have a child with Sylar's mother. Sylar, using his ability, knows that he is not the son of a watchmaker and a woman who collected snow globes and demands answers, and Martin explains that a man who needed money gave Sylar to him. His wife couldn't have children and Martin thought it was the perfect answer. Martin explains the man was his brother and gives Sylar an address, before telling him to leave. Sylar knows he speaks the truth and considers using his power to get more information but decides not to and leaves.

Peter watches as the dead man is taken away. His partner asks if Peter plans to visit his brother, who is in town for the day. He admits that his brother, Nathan, scares him because he's talking about putting away people who are "different," and figures Peter wouldn't understand. Peter says he doubts it, then takes a call from his neice, Claire. She warns him about Nathan's plan to round up people and that Matt is their next target. Peter goes to talk to his mother, Angela, while Claire goes to warn Matt. Peter gets in a cab and finds that Mohinder is the driver. They speak in a friendly manner, Peter asks Mohinder if he ever had the feeling like he was meant to do something extraordinary and they share a laugh. Mohinder notes that they're all keeping a low profile, except for Nathan. He says that the possibility of uncontrolled powers is a major risk and he's willing to let the government take control. They get to their destination and Mohinder lets him out.

Once Peter is gone, a man gets in the cab behind him. It's the leader of the commando team, and he points a gun at Mohinder, telling him to drive. They go to a parking lot where men in black commando suits are waiting with guns. The man tells Mohinder to get in their van. As Mohinder gets out, he rips off the car door, knocks out the leader, and uses the door as a shield. He runs away and Noah arrives in a SUV and rescues him. As they escape, Noah asks him who he's been in contact with. They get to the exit only to discover that the hunter and his men have cut them off. Noah apologizes and then tasers Mohinder, who staggers out of the car and collapses.

Peter arrives at Angela's home and finds Nathan waiting for him. Nathan informs his brother that their mother isn't there and apologizes for not having seen him in a while. He says it's all his own plan, not his father's plan and he's taking a cautious approach because he was shot the last time he tried to go public. Peter accuses him of being a hypocrite and Nathan says he'd like his input. Peter isn't interested but Nathan asks for a chance to talk over dinner. Peter gives in and leaves, but as he goes Nathan asks him what he can do. Peter points out that the last thing Nathan saw him do was fly, and then leaves.

At his apartment, Matt notices that his turtle has gotten out of his tank. Usutu appears to him and says he has a message for him, and explains that he's an illusion. Usutu says that Matt is on a journey to become a prophet and the world needs him to tell them the future. He says that Matt will learn how to paint the future. Matt sits down with paper and pencil; his eyes turn white almost immediately and he starts to sketch.

Matt finishes a picture of himself and Claire examining a picture as someone knocks on his door. He draws a gun and finds Claire. She asks if anyone has come to get him and Matt shows her the drawings. There are several other drawings and he says he doesn't understand. He finds another picture of himself with a dart in his neck, just as someone shoots a dart through the window into his neck. The men in black arrive and hold Claire at gunpoint as Matt goes down.

Peter arrives at his apartment and finds Nathan waiting for him. Nathan apologizes for disowning him and says what he's doing is important for the country and the world. He says Peter can't live his life normally because he's not normal, and says he can make special arrangements. Peter wonders what he wants and Nathan says he wants to know that Peter is with him. Peter refuses and says that he'll fight him if necessary. Nathan smiles and asks for a hug, and Noah tasers Peter from behind.

Sylar goes to the home of Samson Gray, taxidermist. The door is open and he walks inside. Sylar finds a picture of himself as a child on the mantelpiece as well as a snow globe. He also notices a smoking cigarette in an ash tray. More men in black emerge, shoot him with tranquilizer darts, and try to immobilize him. Sylar uses his telekinesis to send them back and his electrical powers to stun them. He pulls one of the men to him and demands answers, then starts to slice the man's head open until he talks. The man, Simmons, gives his name but nothing else and Sylar continues to torture him for information.

Back at the lair, Ando tries to come up with Hiro's password, guessing "Kaito" and "Kensei", before finally entering his own name, successfully gaining access. Hiro's location is displayed at an airfield.

At an airplane hangar, Nathan reviews his prisoners (who are Matt, female fugitive, hooded fugitive and Mohinder) all hooded and confined to negate their powers.

Danko reports that Sylar has escaped.

Hooded claire 6

A mistakenly caught and hooded Claire is brought before her father, Nathan, who releases her and sends her back home, revealing he has given her a free pass.

He then shows Nathan a hooded captive who turns out to be his daughter, Claire, after agents remove her hood as she has been mistakengly caught. Nathan orders them to free Claire and release her into his custody. As he carries Claire to a car, Nathan reveals he has given Claire a free pass, tells her to forget everything she has seen and puts his daughter in the car to send her back home. The scene then switches to the prisoners being loaded onto the plane. Claire, after recovering from the drugs agents gave her, kicks the driver's head to a window. She then runs to the plane and gets inside by sneaking into the landing bay of the plane, unseen. Once aboard the plane as a stowaway, she unhoods Hiro, unconscious due to the drugs. Although she tried to wake him up, Claire puts his hood back on as the guards look to her direction. She then unhoods another prisoner, Peter and wakes him up. He tells her to unhood Mohinder so he can absorb his power. Once he's finished he tells her to free the others. As Peter attacks the guards, Claire unhoods the others (Although not everybody, as a few people are still seen with hoods covering their faces) which include Tracy, Hiro, an unnamed female fugitive and Matt. Claire then grabs a taser that belonged to a guard and goes to the cockpit, stunning one guard and threatening the pilot. She discovers that Noah is the co-pilot.

Peter tries to free Tracy as another guard attacks him. He gains Tracy’s power and inadvertently touches the side of the plane. It freezes and shatters, and the guards and at least one prisoner (who turns out to be Sparrow Redhouse, as revealed in the graphic novels) are swept out. As the plane starts to go down, the netting Peter is holding onto comes unfastened and he starts to get swept away before Mohinder grabs hold of him. In the cockpit, the pilot loses control and the plane plummets towards the ground. The final shot shows Mohinder losing his grip on Peter's hand.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Once I've entered the password, I can track your location anywhere on the planet with your GPS implant.""What GPS implant?"This One." -(Hiro, Ando, Hiro)

"Your not fighting crime. You're at... a strip club" -(Hiro, to Ando)


  • The computer Hiro and Ando use is a Microsoft Vista.
  • The first hooded prisoner to be unhooded is Claire while Matt is the final unhooded prisoner in the episode. Incidentally, he was the first hooded prisoner shown in the episode.
  • At the airplane hangar, it is interesting to note that even though the heroes have hoods over their faces, Tracy (other than Claire) is the only one who can be identified due to the fact that she is the only one who wears gloves and in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moment, when the prisoners are being readied for the plane, when the camera focuses on a hooded Tracy, part of her hair is slipping out of her hood (though we do see another person who's hair is slipping out of his/her hood in the same scene, it's most likely Tracy, then again, she's the only one with long hair). Claire, on the other hand, just has one button on her jumpsuit unput.
    • Aside from that, you can identify them based on their positions on the plane.
    • Tracy's hair can also be seen slipping out the back of her hood during the scene where Claire is taken to her transport car.
  • In Building 26, Claire mentions to her mother about the heroes being captured, drugged, hooded, Noah's job and she being there. Ironically, she also experienced capture by Danko's team until she was freed and released by her father, Nathan, when she was brought to him (albeit, Claire was not ordered to be captured due to being given immunity, was not drugged to the same extent as the others, and was released as soon as she was brought to Nathan, who reveals he gave her a free pass and sends her home.)
  • Why did Danko's men unhood Claire out in the open where there are cameras? If the cameras caught Claire's face on tape (along with her hooded, drugged and held against her will by two agents) and then the tape was exposed to the country, (which it was, though nobody mentioned seeing a teenage girl there) they could get sued for hooding, drugging and holding an innocent teenage girl against her will and violating her rights (along with the other people in the tape, but that's not the point). Plus, he could've just said that the prisoner is Nathan's daughter.
    • If Danko really did just say that the prisoner in question was Claire the whole time, Nathan would've let her go right away and Claire would've no idea about what happened after she blacked out. Plus, the prisoners would be at the facility anyway, thus removing the problem.
      • If Danko never brought Claire in the first place, there would be no trouble.
        • If you think about it, why the hell did they strip Claire of her clothing (the fact that they stripped a teenage girl of her clothes is disturbing), even though she wasn't going to be a prisoner when they could've bought a really bright T-shirt for her just in case she escaped or they could've just knocked her on the head and send her to Angela's house and see if she doesn't remember anything that's happened in the last few minutes which makes her being sent to the hangar really stupid considering she's actually seeing Nathan's plan right in front of her. And it gets stupider when she was the reason the other prisoners are trying to escape, though the plane holding the prisoners crashing was actually Peter's fault, but Claire is still given a free pass. But it gets even stupider when it was Nathan's fault considering he just left her in a car with only a driver and no guards leaving her to kick the driver in the head and escape to the plane and she wasn't even drugged or hooded while in the car. Meanwhile, while she's running to the plane nobody notices Claire on the runway, apparently, they don't see the bright orange blot on the runway. And this is probably the downright stupidest moment in Volume 4, the whole reason the events of Volume 4 happened was because the agents brought Claire to the hangar, meaning if they either left her in New York or if Claire literally did nothing even if she heard Nathan and Angela's conversation, their plans would've gone smoothly.
  • Hooded people

    The footage in question

    In Exposed, footage of this episode was reused as the security footage of Flight 195, although the footage is different when exposed to the public and most of it uses completely new footage not seen in this episode.
  • When Claire was brought to Nathan, she is seen moving her head with much more energy than the other prisoners which means that Claire is semi-conscious as opposed to the others who are unconscious but, given the fact that Claire is Nathan's daughter and Nathan ordered immunity for Claire, Danko's team didn't drug her to the extent of the others as they knew she's his daughter and they were not supposed to capture her (then again, her extent was moving her head, while the others actually moved their bodies, though in fairness, the other prisoners were more lethargic and less energetic).
    • Oddly enough, once they're seated on the plane, the prisoners are perfectly still.
      • The first hooded fugitive we see is a hooded Matt. The first of the hooded fugitives to be seen unhooded is Claire if she counts officially. Officially speaking, that would be Hiro. The last unhooded fugitive would be Matt.
  • Even though the prisoners were rounded up and forced to board the plane after Claire left the building (literally) when she was sent home in the car by Nathan, the camera focused on the prisoners for 25 seconds, but when they cut to Claire, it seems like she just left the hangar. In real time, she'll be far away from the hangar and if she did get out of the car while close to the hangar, she might be taken if seen (they even did it in the alternate version). It also seems that by the time Claire got out of the car, all the prisoners are already seated (of course they would be seated, they're holding people who they drugged and hooded against their will) and the plane's already taken off.
    • The only plausible explanation for this is that when Claire is driven away, the prisoners were finally ready to board the plane, and they decided to show us the process.
  • Strangely, despite Peter being his brother and Tracy being his girlfriend (okay, she did help Pinehearst and tried to get Nathan to side with them back in Volume 3, but still), Nathan ordered his men to capture Tracy and ordered Noah to taser Peter from behind and drug them to the extent of them becoming unconscious as opposed to his daughter, Claire, whom Nathan ordered immunity for but, against his orders, Danko's team captured Claire anyway until she was brought before Nathan, who released her. Angela was not a target either (who manipulated her sons and is far worse than Tracy, yet isn't even captured, although she is in the alternate version). All of them, including Tracy (in a way) are Nathan's family.
  • In Rebellion, Part 1: Rebel Yell, it is revealed that Monica and Nana Dawson and Flint Gordon were prisoners of the plane (although only Monica's name was shown on the passenger list in the comic, apparently, they don't know Nana's real name). They were also two of the prisoners Claire didn't undrug and unhood. Strangely, Damon isn't present even though he was captured with them.
    • It might be an error within the comic, but since there is nobody at the hangar that has the same size as Damon, it's possible he was relocated but the reason why is unknown.
      • Then again, they probably didn't have the heart to drug and hood a young teenage boy, as opposed to a defenseless old woman and a few college girls, one of which is their boss' daughter who has a harmless power and their boss' own family.
        • It must also be said that since the episode used extras as the other prisoners, this makes it even harder to recognize another prisoner from the list according to Rebellion:Part 1 since they have different body types.
          • Any of the hooded fugitives in the slideshow above may be Monica or Nana Dawson or Flint Gordon (Damon isn't present (see above).
  • Fugitives

    The hooded prisoners without earmuffs

    In the same novel, when you see the prisoners from the back, they're missing the earmuffs, yet this episode and the novel's sequel shows them with earmuffs.
    • Also, their hands are cuffed behind their backs instead of in front of them and they seem to be lacking their goggles, judging by the lack of a strap on the back of their heads.
  • There seems to be 12 prisoners of the plane excluding Claire (as revealed in the episode and the security footage seen in Exposed, you can see 6 prisoners in a row) and most of them have been revealed. Hiro, Peter, Mohinder, Tracy, an unnamed female fugitive and Matt have been unhooded which makes up 6 of the prisoners. With the reveal that 3 of the prisoners is 2 of the Dawsons and the hooded prisoner that fell out of the plane is Sparrow Redhouse,that makes up 9 of the prisoners. In the episode, a male fugitive can be seen in the background and in Rebellion, Part 2: Providence in the Fall of a Sparrow, Flint Gordon can be seen which makes up 11 prisoners. The final prisoner is unknown, but it's possible he/she is one of the unknown fugitives from a scrapped scene.
  • MaskedPerson

    A hooded Sparrow Redhouse

    There is a hooded prisoner that is seen falling out of the plane yet he/she has his hood on so we can't  see his/her face. In Rebellion, Part 2, this is revealed to be Sparrow Redhouse. Like the Dawsons, she is one of the prisoners Claire didn't undrug and unhood. There is a picture of her on the right, although she is hooded.
    • This is also the only time we see Sparrow Redhouse in an episode of Heroes, although she has no lines and her face is not seen as she is hooded (see picture on the right). It also marks the first appearance of Sparrow Redhouse's present self. Her first appearance was in String Theory, although it has her future self (explosion future) instead of her present self.
      • This episode marks the first time a graphic novel exclusive character (again besides Hana Gitelman) appears in an episode of Heroes, although the character's face is not seen as she is hooded and she also has no lines.
        • And in a cruel twist, despite her popularity, all she does is being cursed to the same fate as the other prisoners and being sucked out of a plane, which despite being memorable, is never brought up again.
  • 96px-UnmaskedMale

    The male fugitive (Flint?)

    Claire did not unhood and undrug everyone on the plane (she only unhooded and undrugged half of the 12 prisoners on the plane), as we can see other prisoners who are hooded and drugged on the plane including one whose seat fell out of the plane. Though, most of them have been revealed (mostly in the graphic novels).
  • Strangely, a male fugitive can be seen unhooded in the background before Claire unhooded the others, yet, at the airplane hangar, everyone is hooded.
    • When Peter is hanging on the strap while the plane's falling down, even though it's probably the camera, the male fugitive from above looks like he's been rehooded.
      • It's also possible he may have been Flint Gordon.
  • If Claire didn't take the taser, or at least, stayed in the main room, she would've undrug and unhood everybody revealing both Sparrow's face and a graphic novel exclusive character's face in an episode for the first time (besides Hana Gitelman) and the Dawsons' first appearance since Season Two though if she did, Sparrow would've been portrayed by Kat Purgal the woman she takes her likeness from.
  • If Peter didn't accidentally gain Tracy's power, the plane wouldn't fall down and the prisoners would've escaped.
  • The graphic novels, Rebellion, Parts 1 and 2 take place during this episode.
  • Technically, Monica and Nana Dawson, Flint Gordon and Sparrow Redhouse do appear in this episode, but have no lines and are hooded.
  • Surprisingly, the main characters survive the crash as seen in the next episode although the unnamed female fugitive and the male fugitive isn't seen with the others. Although, as seen in the graphic novels, the other prisoners (except for the unknowns), the Dawsons, Sparrow Redhouse and Flint Gordon are seen alive although Flint is later killed with a headshot.
  • After this episode, the prisoners either escaped, got killed or recaptured.
  • The name of the plane is Flight 195.
  • When Claire (who was semi-conscious) was brought to Nathan, she looked like she was going to collapse without any support which is (strangely) in contrast to the other prisoners (who were unconscious) who can stand up perfectly without any support (then again, she had to be moved, and the other prisoners would probably collapse if they were to move without help, on the other hand, she had to be carried by two guards).
  • 96px-UnmaskedTracy

    Tracy, apparently trying to breathe

    After Claire unhoods and undrugs Tracy, she is shown gasping for breath which the other prisoners don't do after being unhooded and undrugged. Then again, it could've been because she was drugged for the remainder of the episode (as she only appears during the opening and the final scenes of the episode). Either that or Ali Larter was holding her breath even though she can breathe even if she has a hood over her head. Plus, there is only one tube inserted into one nostril of the prisoners, so they still can breathe. She also immediately woke up after being undrugged, despite the other prisoners not doing this (Peter had to be woken up first immediately after being undrugged, the others had to wake up on their own, though Hiro woke up after being unhooded a second time though he was undrugged earlier).
  • Hooded dark people

    The scene in question.

    When the prisoners are being loaded onto the plane, if you listen closely you can hear a guard saying "Follow me. Nice and easy." This would seem rather pointless as the prisoners are drugged, so they wouldn't hear him anyway. Though they're wearing earmuffs, it's possible for the hooded fugitives to hear the guard.
    • Plus, if any of the prisoners actually did hear that (if they weren't unconscious at the time), they would probably wake up.
      • Then again, if they did wake up, they can't do anything since they are shackled and hooded so they can't see. Besides, if they did, screaming for help won't do anything since removing the hoods won't solve the problem and the guards will put them back on their faces anyway and there's hardly anyone can do as most of the prisoners can't take on a few guards as they have the strength of a normal human being and even if he was conscious, Matt can't see when he's hooded so for all we know he could control another prisoner, someone like Tracy is useless considering the guards are immune to her powers even without her gloves, Sparrow can't use her powers under all the concrete and while being so high up in the air, Monica despite all the skills that she has obtained, can't take on a few guards and she'll do worse when she's hooded and someone like Claire can't even hope to escape as her only power is a healing factor which is hardly useful in a situation like this. The only ones able to escape are people like Mohinder, Peter (when he has a useful power) and Flint. But even then, all of this would be rendered moot by the fact that if they were recently undrugged, they'd be too tired to do anything, it'd take a few moments for them to realize that they're drugged and they'd be too busy trying to figure out what's happening before being redrugged and they'll immediately be swarmed by guards even if they try to do anything and they're hooded) and their miles away from civilization (aside from the guards).
  • It is unknown what facility the prisoners were being transported to on Flight 195. A likely answer would be Guantanamo Bay as the prisoners are wearing similar hoods to the ones worn by detainees of the detention camp (there is a comparison between the hoods on the right).
  • People in hoods is very similar to the lives of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay although they had warrants and trials as opposed to the evolved humans in the episode.
  • Hooded claire 6

    Hooded Claire with one button unput

    Claire has one button open on the upper half of her jumpsuit as opposed to the other prisoners. This could be to differentiate her from the other prisoners as she wasn't supposed to be a prisoner and that all the other prisoners look the same.
    Tracy glove

    Tracy's gloves. It's very easily removable despite the person wearing them being really dangerous

  • Tracy wears gloves with the uniform to prevent her from using her cryokinesis, thus making her more distinctive than the other prisoners (other than Claire). Yet, they didn't bother to actually put glue or tape the gloves to her uniform's sleeves despite having probably the most dangerous close-contact power.
    • Oddly enough, considering that Flint Gordon is a prisoner, he never wears these gloves, despite the fact that it could insulate his power.
  • Apparently, the actors who portrayed the unknown prisoners including Sparrow Redhouse, Nana and Monica Dawson and Flint Gordon are uncredited.
  • All the prisoners including Claire look like prisoners of Guantanamo Bay when they're wearing the prison uniform.
  • Apparently, none of the guards on the plane notice Hiro's hood is missing the headphones and the goggles (which fall off for some reason unless they're like the ones used by Danko's men) and Claire sneaking around even though we see one of them turning his head.
    • Oddly enough, they only assigned one guard to look after two rows of 6 prisoners while the other one guards the pilots (regardless of the fact that he has a gun and the prisoners are hooded and restrained, considering these are human beings with unbelievable power, at least 2 or 3 guards would be enough).
      • Also odd is the fact that one punch from Peter couldn't take down the guard, when in the scene where Mohinder was running away, he was strong enough to remove a door of a taxi (regardless of the guard's armor, he should've been sent flying by one punch if a man with the same strength as Mohinder, can rip open a door of a taxi. And even if it's because Mohinder was recently undrugged, that theory has been thrown out the window when Peter accidentally gains Tracy's power and freezes a part of the plane (Though this might be because she recovered for a while whereas Mohinder had his power copied immediately after he is undrugged or her power is stronger than his)).
  • Because hooding is actually a kind of torture, Nathan is actually torturing the prisoners, including Claire.
    • Hooding can last for a few hours to 2 to 4 consecutive days where they are only lifted for drinking, eating and going to the bathroom.
    • Nathan actually ordered immunity for Claire and thus, he did not intend for her to be hooded and captured and didn't know she was hooded until her hood was removed, revealing her identity. As mentioned above, she was not meant to be a prisoner (nor was she kept as one) due to Nathan giving her a free pass and her being his daughter. Claire was hooded by Danko’s team, despite orders not to capture her, and was unhooded immediately upon being brought to Nathan, who freed her and sent her back home. However, yes, it's true the other prisoners were kept hooded and drugged under his watch.
  • For reasons completely unknown, Claire doesn't try to hide after she rehoods Hiro.
  • Hiro is actually hooded and unhooded twice in this episode.
    • Luckily for Claire, apparently Hiro didn't wake up, even though he is undrugged which would've alerted the guards.
      • Oddly enough, Hiro immediately wakes up once Claire reunhoods him, even though Tracy immediately woke up after being undrugged, yet Peter had to be woken up by Claire.
  • Hooded prisoner
    It is rather heartless of Peter to order Claire to leave the others, even though there are others who are still hooded and drugged. Although, he does try to free Tracy after Claire leaves.
    • Oddly enough, Claire first goes after female fugitive despite the person on her left being hooded and after she unhoods Hiro despite there also being another person beside him who's hooded. It makes her look rather picky on who to unhood.
  • A minor scene from one of the trailers is removed from the actual episode. The scene just shows two of the prisoners.
  • There were originally two other prisoners that were going to be in the episode
    120px-The three unknowns

    Tracy and three unknowns(two of them are not in the actual episode

    but were scrapped in an unaired scene for unknown reasons.They can be seen on the far right of the photo.
  • Although the other male fugitive's face is obscured by the
    96px-Unknown Male-2

    The other unknown male fugitive

    other female fugitive's face,his face can be seen on the photo on the left.
    • Oddly enough, he seems to take Sparrow's place.
  • On the photo on the right,we can see the unknown female
    96px-Female fugitive-2

    The other female fugitive

    fugitive likes to braid her hair.She was given a backstory in the alternate version as the sister of Sarah Starling,Mary.
  • This episode has a lot of close-ups of the hooded prisoners probably because the show wants to shock its viewers with these images. However, the goggles, earmuffs and the way the prisoners act while drugged makes them unintentionally funny. They would've been shocking it it wasn't for the aforementioned goggles and earmuffs and if the prisoners didn't act like they were drunk.
  • On a dark note,if any of the prisoners just woke up and he/she isn't even hooded and/or drugged yet but shackled and has a relatively useless (or useful,but can't use it for some reason) power, he/she can't do anything. But for those with powers like Tracy's (use their powers with their hands), and happened to him/her in the above,covering their hands (and also taping or glue them to the sleeves) will remove the problem. But for those who don't have powers similar to the first two, drugging them is just enough to render them useless.
  • A Clear and Present Danger Behind The Scenes

    A Clear and Present Danger Behind The Scenes

    In the behind-the-scenes video of the episode, when Claire sneaks onboard the plane, there are only 6 actors hooded instead of 12, either it's because the others don't like to be hooded or they didn't want to do it in one take is up to debate.
  • The position of the heroes on the plane is in order from down to up: Left side:hooded fugitive, Peter, Mohinder, hooded fugitive, female fugitive and Matt. Right side:Sparrow Redhouse (altough she wasn't unhooded in the plane), female fugitive 2, male fugitive (who could be Flint)(although he was never seen unhooded), Tracy, Hiro and hooded fugitive.
  • It is possible that the fugitives that was first escorted out of the van when they arrived at the hangar were Matt and female fugitive since when we see a close-up of the first prisoner, he's about the same height as the person behind him exactly like in the plane how Matt and the female fugitive are about the same height. Further evidence points to when the ramp is being opened, the 2nd fugitive is the same height as the prisoner in front. It's also possible that the second fugitive who was let out of the van after Claire was taken away is Hiro due to the fact that when the second prisoner was let out he was shorter than the person in front of him. To add more evidence, when they close-up on the prisoners, the prisoners in front and behind him are taller than him.
    • On a side note, the prisoners seem to be seated according to who's let out first and it's safe to say that the first people to be escorted out of the van were Matt, female fugitive, hooded fugitive, Mohinder, Peter and a hooded fugitive. The second were a hooded fugitive, Hiro, Tracy, male fugitive, female fugitive 2 and Sparrow Redhouse.
  • Hooded people 5

    The scene in question

    When the ramp is first seen being open, it looks like there are three rows of hooded prisoners instead of two, although it could've been because they were still shackling the other prisoners.
  • Even though people being hooded, drugged and held against their will is a dark idea, the way the prisoners act at the hangar (even inside the plane,where they are restrained) has made the dark idea humorous. In fact, it makes them look drunk. To make it even funnier, the goggles (which have no function aside from being there) and the earmuffs on the prisoners make them look like drunk people who wear masks with goggles and earmuffs for no good reason. Here are some examples:
    • The prisoners always look like they're staring at you, even though it's creepy, if you tilt their heads up,they'll look like they're staring into space.
    • When the first prisoner was escorted out,he/she looks like he/she's being dragged by the ear.
    • When they first close-up on the prisoners,the first prisoner has his/her head tilted. After Claire leaves,the camera cuts to a shot of a prisoner (probably the same person) tilting his/her head in the same direction.
    • When Claire was brought to Nathan, she looks like she drank too much. What makes it even funnier is that she is brought by the 'authorities' indicating that she's taken drugs and it makes the above example all the more funny and Nathan acts like she's done this a lot of times before.It's even funnier when you compare that to what Lindsay Lohan's parole officer would do. I mean, the other prisoners act perfectly fine (even if they act drunk) but she really does look like somebody who drank way too much alcohol.
    • When they close-up on the prisoners on the left while the ramp was opening,the hooded female fugitive (on the right) looks like she wants to see what's inside the plane and then hangs her head in dissapointment when she finds out there's nothing there even though she's hooded so she can't see and she ironically enters the plane herself (although she's being forced to board the plane against her will,but that's not the point). What makes it funnier is that(before she was in the plane)she always looked dissapointed with her hood on.
    • When the plane's falling down,while the fugitives who were undrugged and unhooded scream, all the hooded fugitives do is just...sit there and do nothing. Sure, they're drugged and they're probably not realising what's happening, but since Sparrow's ability negation system fell off during her fall of the plane and assuming the fall has the same air pressure as when the inside of the plane literally cracked, the others' ability negation systems should come off.
  • By Dual, Hiro had lost his abilities. The soldiers capture Hiro, even when he did not have his powers. Unless nobody told Nathan, we don't know why he was captured anyway.
    • Unforturnately, this brings in a VERY unfortunate implication, they captured, hooded and drugged a private Japanese citizen who owns a large company without any warrants. This is stupid even if he did have powers.
  • It seems no civilians ever notice the clearly Black Ops-clad team breaking into someone's house, regardless of whether or not it's New York City, unless they're really that good. Although some of the evolved humans were captured in isolated locations (like Hiro in a warehouse) or have no neighbors, it's hard to imagine that they successfully captured evolved humans without anybody noticing (such as Tracy's house or Matt's apartment), or in the situation they're in, they'd try to call for help, especially in Matt and Claire's case where they literally act like a raid team.
    • It's also hard to believe they dragged people into black vans without any civilians noticing. And it'd be even harder to believe if the captured humans were brought into the vans in the state they were in at the hangar (hooded, drugged and uniform and all, or at least partly, especially at Tracy's house or Matt's apartment, which is in New York. It's very hard to believe that no one noticed a squad dragging two people into vans in New York. After all, they had to park the van in front of Matt's apartment).
      • Unless people did notice, but their claims were rendered untrue because the team is funded by the government.
  • Judging by the fact that they had to take a JAPANESE citizen, the hangar scene takes place at night and they had to take people from all over the U.S (for example, they had to take 2 people from New Orleans), this episode presumably takes place over a few days (with the scenes set in New York taking place in one day), considering they had to capture 12 people.
    • Unless there were more than one squad, with each assigned to a different person (or one squad for a few people as Danko's squad captures both Tracy and Mohinder), or most of the prisoners live surprisingly close, as seen with Matt, Peter and Mohinder who all live in the same city, New York.
      • To further this theory, when Micah went back to his school in Rebellion:Part 1, he found that Monica and Nana were already on the plane, though it could be that they were the last prisoners to be taken away.



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