Ali Larter
Ali Larter
Formal Name: Alison Elizabeth Larter
Character: Niki Sanders

Jessica Sanders

Tracy Strauss

Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 28, 1976
Place of Birth: Cherry Hill New Jersey, USA

Ali Larter is the American film and television actress who played Niki Sanders and her alter-egos Jessica and Gina in Volume One and Volume Two. Ali portrayed Tracy Strauss in Volume Three, Volume Four, and Volume Five. She also played Candice Willmer in several illusions.


Ali Larter has appeared in several television series, including Just Shoot Me! and Dawson's Creek. She has also starred in several films, including Final Destination, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, A Lot Like Love, and Obsessed. Ali has starred in Resident Evil Extinction in the role of "Claire Redfield". She also served as an associate producer of Three Way. Ali appeared in Confess alongside Heroes cast mate Eugene Byrd, and in Dawson's Creek, the visual effects for which were supervised by Mark Kolpack.


  • In 2006, Ali was nominated for a Saturn Award for "Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series" for her work on Heroes.


  • Ali settled temporarily in Japan at the age of 17. She then went back to America a few months later.
  • Ali Larter has portrayed three different characters in different shows and movies who end up committed to an institution. In Legally Blonde, she portrayed Brooke Taylor-Windham, who was accused of murder and put in prison. In Final Destination/Final Destination 2, she portrayed Clear Rivers, a woman who committed herself to a mental institution in order to avoid Death's attempts to kill her. In Heroes, her character, Niki Sanders, committed herself into a prison/mental institution in order to prevent Jessica from causing further harm to Micah and D.L..
  • In Final Destination 2 her character dies in a violent explosion, much like her character on Heroes, Niki Sanders.
  • Ali was considered for the role of "Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman" in Fantastic Four (2005).
  • In 2006, Ali and her fellow Heroes costars drew illustrations of their characters to help raise funds for Greg Grunberg's Pediatric Epilepsy Project.
  • Ali joined the Writers Strike picket line at Universal on December 2007.
  • Ali played Claire Redfield (female protagonist of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil:Code Veronica), sister of Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil games in Resident Evil:Extinction and Afterlife. Ironically, while fans of Heroes hate Claire, the Claire from Resident Evil is quite popular among its fanbase. In fact, she's even more popular than her brother.
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