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Character HistoryEdit

Baron Samedi is The Haitian's older brother, we meet him after he chases Peter, Nathan and The Haitian through the forest in Haiti. The Haitian escapes, but Nathan and Peter are taken back to his village where he calls himself 'god' because of his power.

He mistreats his people and sells young girls into the sex trade. He is murderous. He is finally taken care of by The Haitian after a raging war, but nobody can use their powers because of the eclipse, when the eclipse finishes Peter manages to tackle everyone who is against them then after Nathan smashes Baron into a car The Haitian takes all his memories.


Invulnerability: Baron's ability is invulnerability. The Haitian stated that his skin cannot be pierced by blade or bullets, making him immune to most of man's destructive weapons. it was shown his invulerability extends beneth his skin this was shown when, nathan smashed him into a car which would have caused internal damage such as a broken spine.

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