Benjamin Washington, also known as Knox, is a Level 5 escapee. He is an advanced human with the power to convert ambient emotions into enhanced strength. He served as a secondary antagonist of Volume Three.


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Volume ThreeEdit

In the episode The Second Coming sylar found Knox's file in the bennet house and the other level 5 prisoners and calls the files a shopping list of new abilites meaning he intends to take knoxs ability along with the rest of them. Knox is later seen his cell paceing back and forth

In The Butterfly Effect He is seen in his cell when Elle comes down the level 5 to get Noah Bennet and he is seen escaping after Elle's electrical burst. Later he is seen tourtureing a couple along with Flint Gordon, The German and Peter Petrelli

In One of Us, One of Them Knox and the other level 5 Escapes Arive at a bank and cause havok but before they go in Knox Say's " your Terrified Jessie I can feel it "  then they go into the bank And start to terrify the people with their Abilities. Then he is seen walking around making his way To the german who is trying to open the safe then when he notices jesse and flint about to fight he looks over at them and they stop then they all go into the vault. After that He is seen waiting at the door For the company to show up after he called the cops so he could get his revenge then when the german pulls out his gun he activeates his power and kills the german

Knox's AbilityEdit

Enhanced Strength: Knox has the Ability to convert fear into Enhanced Strength. He can also sense fear in other people. After being Enhanced by numerous hostages he was strong enough to punch a hole in the german's body and a metal locker. after absorbing the fear from Noah Gray he was strong enough to lift sylar drop him on to a table and kick him a cross a room, After Absorbing Matt and Daphne's fear he was able to kick down a door, break daphne's Neck and punch a hole in matt's chest. He was able to Break Scott Neck. 

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