After the plane crash, the President investigates Nathan's activities to determine if he's in control. Given a free pass and sent back home by her dads, again, Claire Bennet hides a new friend with abilities from her fathers, Noah Bennet and Nathan Petrelli, who continue the operation to round up people with special abilities. Meanwhile, the fugitives travel to India to seek out an ally.

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Claire reveals to her mother that her father, Noah, is again involved in another initiative to round up people with special abilities and describes the prisoners who were drugged and hooded from A Clear and Present Danger. Ironically, she also experienced capture by Danko's team until she was freed and released by her other father, Nathan, when she was brought to him (albeit, Claire was not supposed to be captured due to being given immunity, was not drugged to the same extent as the others, and was released as soon as she was brought to Nathan, who reveals he gave her a free pass and puts her in a car to send her home.)

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