Claude Rains is a Hero with the power of Invisibility.

Character OverviewEdit

He appears in Peter Petrelli's dreams and then in reality, and helps teach Peter to control his power. He went into hiding from The Company.

Claude Rains has the power of invisibility. He first appears in the episode "Godsend" during one of Peter Petrelli's dreams, in which he is laughing before Peter explodes. Later in the episode, Peter is able to see Claude despite his invisibility, and is in fact mimicking Claude's power himself. Claude then accosts him, apparently confused as to how he can be seen.

Later, Peter follows him and tries to enlist his help in stopping the impending catastrophe, as well as in controlling his powers. Claude insists their powers cannot be controlled, and demands that Peter stop following him. Later, he seeks out Peter and assists him in escaping Nathan Petrelli and Mohinder Suresh, then tells him he's now willing to teach him. However, he warns that it will be extremely difficult. Claude tries to instruct Peter on how to use abilities he has absorbed by clearing his mind of all attachments. Peter denies this at first, but becomes more sympathetic to the idea after witnessing a romantic encounter between Simone and Isaac on the apartment rooftop. Claude throws Peter off of the building, intending to force him to fly. Peter instead falls on a taxi cab, impaling his chest, but regenerates his wounds with the power he absorbed from Claire Bennet. At this point, Peter realizes that instead of clearing his mind, he has to remember the people he met, and how he felt when meeting them. However, several powers then begin to overwhelm him at once, until Claude knocks him unconscious. Claude continues training Peter until he is assaulted by Mr. Bennet, tipped off by a jealous Isaac Mendez. Peter rescues the unconscious Claude by using the power of flight absorbed from his brother Nathan. Later, Claude is so apprehensive of the threat posed by Bennet that he ends his partnership with Peter.[1]

After that, it is revealed that Mr. Bennet and Claude worked together as partners when Bennet originally joined "The Company". Claude became disillusioned with the company's goals and refused to "hunt his own people". Mr. Bennet was ordered to dispose of Claude after it was discovered he had hidden someone with an ability. After being shot by Bennet, Claude stumbled over a traffic barrier and onto the bridge railing, and ended up suspended on his back between the two. He slowly turned invisible as he hung there, leading Bennet to believe that he was dead.[2]


  • Claude Rains might have been named after Claude Rains who starred in the 1933 Horror film The Invisible man who plays Dr Jack Griffin which he discovers he has invisible powers.


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