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The Hunter shaves as his door mysteriously opens.

Washington D.C.

Eric Doyle is hung up in Danko’s apartment displayed as a present.

While shaving Danko’s door alarm goes off. He suspiciously searches his apartment only to find Eric Doyle unconscious and wrapped up like a present with a tag stating, “My Gift To You.” Back in Washington D.C. Danko tricks Mohinder into believing he will be operating on Daphne. Mohinder asks, “Why did you bring me here?” and Danko replies, “I figured it would be a whole lot easier than carrying you here.” Mohinder is put under, like the other evolved humans captured. Noah Bennet arrives in Washington D.C. and explains to Danko his plan to use Tracy Strauss as bait to catch “Rebel”

”I figured it would be a whole lot easier than carrying you here”.

New York City

Noah Bennet steps into Angela Petrelli’s car and they have a quick discussion about how their agenda will have negative effects on both of their families. Angela suggests Noah turn “Rebel” over to Danko, to earn his trust. As Noah leaves the car, he takes Angela’s umbrella and simply warns her, “I wouldn’t go home if I were you”.

Angela and Noah have a conversation in the car.

Los Angeles

Hiro and Ando begin babysitting “Matt Parkman” in an attempt to save him. They realize it may not be baby Matt Parkman, but instead Matt Parkman’s baby.

“Heroes change the world. Not baby diapers”.


  • Noah Gray-Cabey returns as Micah as a Special Guest Star
  • Claire does not appear in this episode

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