Dale Smither was an evolved human with superhuman hearing. She was murdered by Sylar for her power.

Character HistoryEdit

Dale Smither was a mechanic in Bozeman, MT. She was visited in Season 1 by Mohinder Suresh and Sylar, who was posing as Zane Taylor. Suresh asked Dale if she would be willing to submit to testing and she was a it hostile towards the idea. Sylar, using Zane Talor's power of liquification, melted Dale's favorite wrench to show her that other people could do strange things. Dale then explained her ability, Superhuman Hearing. The only thing that she found to block out all other sounds was rap music, which she frequently listened to as she worked.

Later, Dale agreed to do Suresh's test the next day. Suresh and Sylar then left. That night, as Suresh slept, Sylar went back to Dale's place and murdered her for her power.


Though she did not care for it, rap music was the only thing that Dale found to drown out all other noise. A cockroach on her neighbor's floor sounded like a marching band to her acute hearing.

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