Damon Dawson is Monica's brother.


He, like Monica and his Nana survived hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Damon loves wrestling as we find out in The Kindness of Strangers, he asks his sister for money to buy pay-per-view, but she won't give it to him, but Micah helps him by using his power to watch the program for free.

He walked into a set-up after trying to get the Ninth Wonders comic books belonging to Micah priced in order to sell them for a lot of money. In this he looses the medal that belonged to D.L., this gets him into a fight with Micah, then Monica offers to get back the comics, but is caught, then Nikki goes and rescues Monica, but dies. Later, he is captured but strangely he doesn't even seem to be on the plane where the other prisoners are.


  • He (like the other Dawsons) only appears in Volume 2.
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