Danny Pine was an evolved human who became a prisoner on Level 5.

Character HistoryEdit


Danny helped fight in the Vietnam War, and survived, becoming a veteran ("Partners").


Living on the streets in a shantytown, Pine attracted the attention of the Company due to his power. Thompson and Meredith Gordon were sent to capture him, but he saw through their lies as aid workers and proceeded to turn his fist into metal and punched Thompson, knocking him to the floor. Meredith used pyrokinesis to burn his metal hand, causing him to be off-guard and allowing her to shoot him with a taser. He was then captured and placed in a Level 5 cell at Primatech ("Villains").

Escape and RecaptureEdit


Pine defends himself from Noah and Meredith ("Partners").

On March 21st, Elle Bishop was attacked by Sylar who intended stealing the prisoners' powers, but after she released a large electrical blast she knocked out the grid which kept the prisoners trapped, and they escaped, but Danny was not seen ("The Butterfly Effect").

Pine went to the home of his former wife and son William, and used his power to kill her as she stole his money and his son. Noah Bennet and Meredith are sent to recapture him following his breakout. William is taken hostage by Bennet and Meredith distracts him by burning his arm with a Molotov cocktail. Noah shoots his arm which he has turned to metal and knocks him to the ground. Pine is then taken back to his Level 5 cell ("Partners").


When Sylar took control of the Primatech facility, he held everyone hostage. Noah and Meredith descended to Level 5 and released the remaining prisoners who were Pine, Eric Doyle and Echo DeMille. Noah offered the person who found and killed Sylar first their freedom. As they left, Noah informs Meredith they are acting as bait. At a later point, Meredith comes across Pine's severed arm which is still metallic and twitching on the floor, suggesting Pine became another of Sylar's victims ("Dual").


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