Webisode 5
Airdate: July 23, 2015
Writer: Zach Craley
Director: Tanner Kling
Previous: Dark Matters: Chapter Four
Next: Dark Matters: Chapter Six

Dark Matters: Chapter Five is the fifth webisode of the prequel series to Heroes Reborn


In the wake of tragic events on June 13th, Quentin refuses to believe his sister was involved in the attacks and believes Renautas was behind Phoebe's abduction.


Quentin is going through old videos of Phoebe, Hero Truther, and the news. He's looking for something he may have missed, Aly arrives and tells Quentin its time to let go. Aly believes Mohinder Suresh got to Phoebe but Quentin assures her that he didn't, Suresh was the fall guy, they begin fighting and she leaves. Quentin attempts to try and communicate with Hero Truther, he responds by telling Quentin that they're all at war and if he goes against Renautas, they'll lose, Quentin guilts Truther into helping infiltrate Renautas. Quentin is in, he's entry level at Renautas. Aly shows up and he apologizes to her for the fight.

They get into another fight because he told her that he's now working at Renautas to take them down, Aly thinks this is a bad idea, she gets angry and leaves. Quentin has another discussion with Hero Truther, he tells him that he has get the files needed directly from the source, so Quentin breaks into the sub level of Renautas and he downloads the files, he is nearly caught but he gets away by tricking a guard into believing that he was EVO with Pyrokinesis.


Video GalleryEdit

Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter Five "Renautas" (Digital Exclusive)

Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter Five "Renautas" (Digital Exclusive)

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