June 13th
Webisode 4
Airdate: July 23, 2915
Writer: Zach Craley
Director: Tanner Kling
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Dark Matters: Chapter Four is the forth webisode of the prequel series to Heroes Reborn


Phoebe goes missing after an argument with Quentin over her ongoing nightmares.


Hero Truther wants all EVOs to go to Odessa for the unity summit. He belives this can be the beginning of a new future. Quentin is worried about Phoebe because he hasn't heard from her in days. He goes to her dorm room, only to find her roommate Aly, she tells him that Phoebe went to a interview, she shows him the Renautas card and tells him thats where Phoebe went. He then gets a call from a Texas area code, its Phoebe, she tells him that she doesn't want to do this and that she wants to go home and then he loses the connection.

He and Aly do some research and discover that the call came from a pay phone right outside Odessa, so Quentin and Aly drive to Odessa to find her. They stop at the gas station that the call came from to see if anyone may have seen her then he and Aly looks at the tv screen and sees Phoebe at the summit with M.F. Harris. They get stuck in traffic and then a eclipse occurs thus darkening the sky, shortly after, a giant explosion occurs, so Quentin drives away. He goes to the hospital to see if Phoebe has been admitted but she wasn't. He then sees the news and they are blaming the explosion on Mohinder Suresh, Phoebe and several other EVOs, Phoebe is also said to be dead.


  • This is the day of the unity summit.
  • Mohinder Suresh was said to be the master mind behind the explosion
  • Phoebe Frady is said to be dead.

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Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter Four "June 13th" (Digital Exclusive)

Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter Four "June 13th" (Digital Exclusive)

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