Where Are the Heroes?
Webisode 1
Airdate: July 9, 2015
Writer: Zach Craley
Director: Tanner Kling
Next: Dark Matters: Chapter Two

Dark Matters: Chapter One is the first webisode of the prequel series to Heroes Reborn


The prequel series begins as the mysterious Hero_Truther puts out a rallying cry for EVOs to declare themselves by telling personal stories in the wake of lies and fearmongering. This prompts Phoebe Frady to reveal to her brother, Quentin, that she can manipulate shadows.


Some sort of advertisement for Renautas is interrupted by Hero Truther. He he shows a series of videos and images and talks about the war between humans and EVOs. It all began with Claire Bennet exposing the truth about evolved humans. Phoebe Frady asks her brother Quentin Frady to record her, she shows him her ability, he is amazed by this, he had no idea his sister was an EVO. They begin talking about how long she's had her abilities and who else knew, her brother is the first person she's ever told.


  • Phoebe Frady is the first character within the heroes and heroes reborn series to display Umbrakinesis.
  • Hero Truther is a fighter for freedom of all EVOs.
  • Claire Bennet is shown in one of the clips, she is known as the one who started it all.

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Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter One Where Are the Heroes? (Digital Exclusive)

Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter One Where Are the Heroes? (Digital Exclusive)

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