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Airdate: July 23, 2015
Writer: Zach Craley
Director: Tanner Kling
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Dark Matters: Chapter Three is the third webisode of the prequel series to Heroes Reborn


After a pro-EVO demonstration at the college gets out of hand, Phoebe is arrested and forced to register in a national database. When Phoebe is approached by Harris with a job offer at the fast-growing tech company named Renautas, it raises Quentin's suspicions.


Hero Truther speaks on EVO registration becoming mandatory, schools and work places are starting to require testing. At south western college, Phoebe, Aly and dozens of other students rally together in support of EVOs being able to attend college there. Quentin is worried that something will go wrong, and he is right. A group protesters show up, this leads to a fight between the two groups, Phoebe takes it upon herself to settle down the situation but she inadvertently used her ability to kill the lights and temporarily negate all EVO abilities in the near area. The cops show up at arrest every EVO on the scene. Phoebe and Quentin are at the police precinct, they are asking her question in preparation for her EVO registration.

Phoebe is released and her and Quentin get into a fight. Later Phoebe goes to a internship fair only to be dismissed because she's a EVO. She is then approached by M.F. Harris, he gives her his card and offers her a internship. Phoebe tells him that she wants to go to the Odessa summit, this leads to another fight, Quentin wants her to stay, he thinks its a bad idea.


  • Coyote Sands is mentioned in this webisode.
  • The Odessa unity summit better known as June 13th is first mentioned in this webisode.

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