Webisode 2
Airdate: July 23, 2015
Writer: Zach Craley
Director: Tanner Kling
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Dark Matters: Chapter Two is the second episode of the prequel series to Heroes Reborn.


Quentin encourages Phoebe to continue documenting her story when she begins college, where she becomes fast friends with her roommate Aly. As Phoebe's power grows, she discovers that there's much more to her ability than she initially realized, but Quentin worries that it may be too much for her to handle.


Hero Truther is worried that history will repeat itself, certain classes of people are being targeted just like in the past. Phoebe Frady is attending her first day of college. Quentin helps her to her room and helps her unpack. He brought her a camera, so that she can continue to do her EVO videos. Her new roommate Aly comes in, she knows that Phoebe is a EVO and she's cool with it. Later that night, Phoebe is doing another video, its her second attempt, she was able to move her own shadow and make it face her. Phoebe and Aly go into classroom and Phoebe stills all of the light, leaving the room completely dark.

Later, she is having a nightmare that is at the same time influencing her abilities, a shadow is creeping along the walls towards her but once Aly calms her down, it goes away. Phoebe is confronted by Quentin about her nightmares, she tells Quentin that its not just nightmares, it real, she can feel the darkness waiting and watching. He calms her down and suggest that she sees someone but Phoebe doesn't want to, so they both agree that she needs to take a break from using her powers. Even though they seemed to have had an agree ment about her not using her abilities, shortly after, Phoebe is forming a ball of darkness, she can feel herself becoming stronger


  • Phoebe Frady attends her first day at south western college.
  • Phoebe is having nightmares that are directly related to her ability.

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Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter Two "Phoebe" (Digital Exclusive)

Heroes Reborn - Dark Matters Chapter Two "Phoebe" (Digital Exclusive)

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