Dennis Collins

Dennis Collins is a character in the mini-series Heroes Reborn. He is the son of Luke Collins (deceased) and Joanne Collins. (deceased) He was killed in the attack on June 13th, 2014 in Odessa. He has Solar Urticaria, so when exposed to sun (or UV radiation) he gets bad burns or hives.


Dennis lived in New York. He was born to Luke Collins and Joanne Collins.


Dennis died during June 13th. He had gone to watch the Ice Man with the ability to freeze things, and then the explosion happen. Luke and Joanne couldn't find him in the the wreckage, but he was later found being wheeled in. He was pale, motionless and his eyes where closed. He had died. Joanne blamed Evos for his death making her and Luke some of the top Evo hunters. Episode: June 13th - Part One

Character History (Appearances)

Brave New World

At the Odessa Summit Dennis watched the Ice Man in awe.

June 13th - Part One

Dennis comes in contact with the sun. He blisters, and Luke and Joanne get into a fight on whether or not he should go to the Odessa Unity Summit. Luke thinks there may be an Evo there who can help Dennis, and they end up going.

Dennis is very impressed with the Ice Man's powers, and then later visits him again. He watched him again, but this time his balloon got blown away. Dennis chases after it and then the explosion happens. Luke searches for Dennis until he is forced to stop.

June 13th - Part Two

Luke and Joanne are pinning up Dennis's picture of the wall for the missing. Just then a boy gets rolled in with a white sheet over his body. Luke and Joanne recognize the gloves he put on to make sure his hands don't get burned. They lift the sheet to see a dead, pale, Dennis lying down. Luke and Joanne break into tears. Joanne later murders the Ice Man, blaming his kind for the attack and for Dennis's death.

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