Echo DeMille, portrayed by Kiko Ellsworth, is a prisoner of Level 5 with the power to manipulate sound. He was almost captured by the Constrictor and Howard, but used his power to escape. When the Constrictor later took his girlfriend hostage, Echo was forced to kill him. He took out another pair of agents making his escape. When trying to meet with his girlfriend, Echo used the brown note to avoid two more Company agents. He arranged to meet her thirteen weeks later at his family's cabin only to be ambushed by Penny and Connie Logan, Elle Bishop, and several other paired agents. Using his power, he incapacitated all but one - an advanced human with the power to absorb sound. The agent captured him, and Echo was detained to Level 5, where Angela Petrelli implied a former connection to him.

When Sylar later puts the Company facility into lockdown, Noah releases Echo and the other recaptured prisoners, offering them freedom if they can kill Sylar. Echo is subsequently killed by Sylar, his throat being slashed open.

Level 5 Escapees
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