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Empathic Mimicry is the power to reproduce the powers of other advanced humans within proximity of the user. Peter Petrelli was the first and only person to naturally possess this power. He at first needed to be within proximity of the power's source but later learned to recall and use the mimicked powers at will. It was later stolen by his father, Arthur Petrelli in "Dying of the Light".

The exact range at which mimicry occurs is not known, but Peter could mimic Claude's ability from at least several meters away. He could duplicate Claude's ability almost immediately upon coming within range. Whether the maximum distance and minimum time is the same to mimic any ability is uncertain. Peter did not necessarily have to see other people's abilities in use to absorb them. In The Hard Part, Peter began to absorb Ted Sprague's ability even though Ted had not used it in his presence. Also he absorbed at least two abilities on Kirby Plaza during his fight with Sylar: Niki's enhanced strength and D.L.'s phasing. Niki was standing right next to him, but D.L. was much farther away. It has to be at this point that he absorbs D.L.'s ability, as Peter had never encountered D.L. before and never encountered D.L. again before his death. If this is so, he may also have absorbed Molly's clairvoyance and Micah's technopathy, but he has never displayed these abilities.

It can also be noted that Peter mimics the exact ability he comes into contact with because when he encountered Flint Gordan Jr's fine-tuned pyrokinesis Peter's flames were also blue.

Sylar was also able to use this power without needing to kill, when he experienced Elle Bishop's lightning powers to a high degree he was able to use Elle's powers.

List of Mimicked Abilities

Electric Manipulation - Eleanor Zoe Bishop

Enhanced Strength - Niki Sanders

Flight - Nathan Petrelli

Induced Radioactivity - Theodore Sprague

Intuitive Aptitude - Gabriel Gray

Invisibility - Claude Rains

Phasing - D.L. Hawkins

Precognition - Isaac Mendez

Precognitive dreaming - Angela Petrelli

Pyrokinesis - Flint Gordon Jr.

Rapid Cell Regeneration - Claire Bennet

Space-Time Manipulation - Hiro Nakamura

Super Speed - Daphne Millbrook

Telekinesis - Gabriel Gray

Telepathy - Matt Parkman

See also

  • For Arthur Petrelli's power to rob the powers of other advanced humans by direct physical contact, see ability absorption.
  • For Sylar's power to replicate the powers of other advanced humans by directly examining their brains to perceive how their powers function, see intuitive replication.
  • For Peter's artificial power to duplicate the power of other advanced humans through physical touch, see ability replication.