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Enhanced Hearing is the ability to hear even the slightest sounds from far away.

Also Called

  • Advanced Hearing
  • Super Hearing
  • Super Human Hearing
  • Sensitive Hearing


This ability is known for being passive but always active, however it is capable of being controlled. With concentration and experience, the user can seclude certain noises and they can also hear at very far distances even in crowded areas. Without control, this ability can be hell, severe headaches, especially. Dale once compared a cockroach crawling on the floor to a marching band. The possessors hearing becomes very sensitive. This power also allows mood detection, the user can tell how someone is feeling just by listening to a persons heart rate, thus detecting even slight changes in someones mood. It has proved very difficult to control this ability, loud noises can cause a very sharp pain for the user. This ability allows the user to....

  • Listen to conversations from a far distance
  • Hear emotions
  • Hear approaching weather such as rain from 40 miles away.

Known Users

  • Dale Smither has this ability but it was stolen by Sylar.
  • Sylar stole this ability from Dale but he lost it after being infected with the Shanti Virus.
  • René possibly has this ability, as he gave a wind chime to Claire saying that if she ever needed him, all she needed to do is hang them outside her window and he would know.