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The security footage (Hooded prisoners are Matt, female fugitive, Mohinder and Peter from down to up)


Volume Four
A Clear and Present DangerTrust and BloodBuilding 26Cold WarsExposedShades of GrayCold SnapInto AsylumTurn and Face the Strange1961I Am SylarAn Invisible Thread

Matt Parkman receives a tip from "Rebel" and heads to Building 26 with Peter Petrelli to save Daphne Millbrook and find the files that will expose Nathan's government plot(which is Flight 195's security footage). Claire partners up with an unlikely source to smuggle Alex out of the city. Sylar and Luke Campbell continue on their road trip, and Sylar begins to recall memories of his father that lead him to the truth about his mother. Meanwhile, The Hunter puts his plan into action, resulting in an explosive ending.


  • The footage in question

    Footage of A Clear and Present Danger can be seen in this episode.
  • Despite the importance of the security footage in the episode, it really doesn't have an impact on the plot.
  • Interestingly, the episode marks the final appearance of the hooded fugitives in any shape or form (though Trust and Blood has the final appearance of a character being hooded in person with Tracy).
  • Tracy can be seen when the security footage is revealed to the public as the hooded prisoner with gloves on.
    • The prisoner that was first let out in the footage was Matt because the first prisoner that was inspected in A Clear and Present Danger was Matt and because the 2nd prisoner who was let out was as tall as Matt, the 2nd prisoner was female fugitive.
  • Even though Peter knew that Hiro was with him on Flight 195, he said AMERICAN citizens while Hiro was Japanese.

    Hiro 2nd in the row