This is a list of graphic novels for the NBC drama Heroes.

After each new episode of Heroes airs, an online graphic novel drawn by Aspen Comics is made available on the official NBC website.[1] The comics are available in both PDF and Flash formats; the PDF versions are linked below, while the Flash versions each offer a link to a hidden easter egg.

Graphic novel list Edit

Issue Title Story Art Easter Egg
1 Monsters Aron Coleite Michael Turner & Koi Turnbull Line art for "The Crane"[2]
Offers background information on Mohinder Suresh, Chandra Suresh, and Chandra's mysterious death.
2 The Crane Aron Coleite Micah Gunnell Line art for "Trial By Fire"[3]
Continued from "Don't Look Back". Offers some background on Hiro Nakamura, who was named by his grandfather as a reminder of Hiroshima. Hiro, believing that he has done a great disservice, makes an origami crane out of the cover leaf of Superman #1.
3 Trial By Fire Chuck Kim Marcus To Nathan Petrelli campaign video[4]
Nathan Petrelli comes to terms with his power and saves a woman (who was going to vote for Nathan's opponent) from a burning building.
4 Aftermath Joe Pokaski Micah Gunnell Claire Bennet's MySpace page[5]
Continued from "Collision". Claire Bennet saves Brody Mitchum from his burning car (the gas tank broke and a live wire sparked the fire), and still wishes for a normal life, but Brody apparently discovers her power.
5 Snapshots Joe Pokaski Marcus To
Provides the backstory of D.L. Hawkins and his escape from prison.
6 Stolen Time Joe Pokaski Marcus To Picture of Peter Petrelli[6]
Provides a backstory of Niki Sanders and how she obtained the two million dollars that D.L. was thought to have stolen.
7 Control Oliver Grigsby Micah Gunnell Picture of Sylar[7]
Continued from "Nothing to Hide". Details Officer Matt Parkman using his mind reading abilities to pursue a robbery suspect while trying to reconcile the news of his wife's affair with his best friend.

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