First Mentioned: The Lion's Den
Outcome: Mass extinction

H.E.L.E or human extinction level event is a meteor like object headed for earth.


Mohinder Suresh and his research team discovered this while in the Arctic. Richard Schwenkman says that the event will happen sooner than they originally predicted. He's created a simulation of the event to come. With the magnetic poles reversing, earth will be defenseless against solar radiation. A coronal mass ejection unlike anything ever seen before will hit earth very soon. This event is described as total devastation, 96% of all species on th earth killed within days. Erica Kravid sees the as the perfect opportunity to start over the world. This is why she has build what can only be described as a time machine in order to save humanity, however, she is only choosing a select few while the rest are left to burn

Those who are awareEdit


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