Power Shape Shifting
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Occupation EVO activist
Family Information
First Episode Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Last Episode 11:53 to Odessa
Portrayed By Mark Gibson

Henry is a EVO with Shape Shifting abilities.

Character OverviewEdit

He is also a EVO activist that is working with Hero Truther and other EVOs

Heroes RebornEdit

In "Sundae, Bloody Sundae", Henry is in a abandoned warehouse, posing as Erica Kravid. He confronts Taylor Kravid as her mother in order to see where her alliance truly lies, as Erica he asks her who did she send the important information to, Taylor refuses to tell her. At this moment, he now realizes that Taylor is telling the truth and she is let go. He shifts back into himself and they tell Taylor their goal, which includes saving their leader Hero Truther

In "11:53 to Odessa", Henry, along with René, Dahlia, Deirdre, Logue, and Taylor arrive at Sunstone Manor to free Hero Truther from his captors. They scope out the place, they notice that there aren't any guards and the only way in is underground through the Sewage pipes but Taylor comes up with a better idea. Henry shape shifts into Erica Kravid and impersonates her as a way to get access to Sunstone. Before they go in, Taylor gives him a few tips on how to behave more like Erica, it works, they get inside. "Erica" wants the see the director, Matt Parkman, they meet up in his office, she wants to see Micah and Matt becomes suspicious and reads her mind and realizes that it isn't really Erica but before he can react, Taylor tazes him. Then Henry logs onto Matt's laptop to find Micah's location. Later, M.F. Harris enters the room to find two Matt's the real Matt and then Henry posing as him, Prime immediately shoots Henry in the chest.

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