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Achievements Edit

200 Pages! Edit

I know this might seem like a small amount of articles but for a wiki that has been inactive for quite a while, this is quite an achievement! Our wiki is slowly growing to become a great database. Thank you to the users that made this happen!

Current Projects Edit

New Skin Edit

Heroes Wiki will be getting a new skin!

General Discussion Edit


What is the reason for this wiki? There is of course the official Heroes wiki, which seems a bit nicer, in my opinion. Perhaps these two websites should 'sorta merge? Just asking. Timeroot TalkContribsEdit count 03:01, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

  • We have been attempting to present the information in a completely different original manner than the other wiki and ensure it does not merelt copy the content. If there aren't enough people interested in this type of project i guess the admins will shut it down and the other wiki will remain as the only one. Hope you will decide to stay and edit! Thanks.
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