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Intuitive Aptitude is the power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, etc. without the need for long-term or special education.

Also Called

  • Hyper Intuition
  • Innate Capability
  • Instinctive Aptitude
  • Intuitive Intellect
  • Intuitive Intelligence
  • Psychic Aptitude
  • Spontaneous Learning


The users instinctively analyze and comprehend anything and everything they perceive instantly. They automatically; understand the mechanics behind any issue they face, know what must be done to solve any problem, and formulate how to overcome any obstacle. This is an inherent part of themselves, rather than an external ability, they can instantly assimilate into any society, social group or environment, and manipulate it.

The users are fully capable of experiencing emotions, but that those feelings do not play a prominent role in their thought processes. They are totally rational, amoral, competent and efficient. Users cares, in essence, only about their own well-being, and everything else is reduced to a cost/benefit analysis. Users' detached way of looking at the world grants them an objective comprehension of issues, that others would not be able to achieve.



  • Can still forget known information.
  • May have the side effect of becoming obsessed with knowing more of everything.
  • May only work as a "gut feeling" rather than giving the user the whole picture.
  • Could suffer from information overload.

Known Users