Iris is Santiago's mother. Iris sits in church with her son, Santiago, as a priest gives his sermon. She tells him to stop fidgeting. She later adds that his father was right, that Santiago is a dreamer, but that he can't go through life without direction. Iris and her son leave church together, and she listens as he tells her about his near-death experience with a van almost hitting him. She replies that God watches over all of us, that there is a reason God saved him, and that Santiago needs to find that reason. As Santiago leaves her to cross the street, she calls out to him reminding him to be home for dinner.

After Santiago's team wins the soccer game, she receives a phone call from him and listens as he tells her how he won. Iris tells him how proud she is of him, and asks if he will still be home in time for dinner. She then listens as Santiago explains that he might be a bit late, as he will be celebrating with friends.

Iris appears in a video the serious looking woman shows to Santiago on her Sprint phone. The woman claims Iris will be killed if Santiago does not work for them as their assassin.

Iris is praying in church in Lima, Peru when Santiago and Elisa find her. She listens as Santiago explains their predicament to her, then informs them that she has also been keeping secrets from him. Iris shows Santiago and Elisa her ability to create fire, and says that now that the organization knows of Santiago's ability, they cannot run anymore and must fight.

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