Character HistoryEdit

The only time that Ishi Nakamura has been seen was early in Season 3. Hiro and Claire had gone back in time to the moment when baby Claire was given to Noah Bennet by Kaito Nakamura on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building, where Kaito and Ishi were staying at the time. During this time period, some sixteen years ago, Ishi was already dying and Hiro was only five years old. Present day Hiro had been in a confrontation with Arthur Petrelli previously and his mind was that of a much younger version of himself. After some snooping around, Present Hiro and Claire parted ways. Present Hiro found a window of time to sneak into Ishi's room and speak with her. He told his mother of how his mind was messed up and she was able to fix it by kissing his forehead and using her healing abilities. Ishi apparently had the Catalyst inside of her and earlier, she and Kaito had a debate on who to give it to; infant Claire or their son, Hiro. Ishi wished for Hiro to have the Catalyst and so, when time allotted, she gave it to Hiro and died soon after.


  • Our Father
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