Jeph Loeb was a co-executive producer and writer of Heroes.

The chapters he has written are:

Volume OneEdit

Heroes s01e03
  • One Giant Leap - Claire comes under attack by a high school quarterback, Hiro looks for support from Ando and Niki makes a gruesome discovery.
Heroes s01e16
  • Unexpected - Matt joins forces with a "wireless" hero and a radioactive man, Claire strikes out at her father and Peter learns of a painful betrayal.

Volume TwoEdit

Heroes s02e11
  • Powerless - Deep below Primatech Paper, Peter’s reunion with Nathan turns violent when the brothers, Matt and Hiro all clash thanks to Adam and his pursuit of the deadly Shanti Virus. Micah turns to his mother to save Monica from a street gang. Meanwhile, Maya tragically learns how much of a monster Sylar really is during his kidnapping of Molly and Suresh. Meanwhile, Elle decides to play hero to get back into her father’s good graces.

Volume ThreeEdit

Heroes s03e13
  • Dual - In the aftermath of the showdown against Arthur Petrelli, the Petrelli brothers find themselves battling against one another and Nathan makes a move that will have global repercussions. Meanwhile, Sylar holds Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela hostage at Primatech and a face-off ensues. Elsewhere, Ando, Matt and Daphne continue their attempts rescue Hiro — and Dr. Suresh may be their only hope.
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