The following characters are evolved humans who possess powers that are either natural or gained artificially.

Evolved Humans


Name Power(s)
Caspar Abraham Mind Manipulation
Charlie Andrews Eidetic memory


Name Power(s)
Baron Samedi Invulnerability
Claire Bennet Rapid Cellular Regeneration
Malina Bennet Elemental Control
Bob Bishop Chrysopoeia
Elle Bishop Electrokinesis


Name Power(s)
Luke Campbell Microwave Ray Radiation
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation
Luke Collins Heliokinesis
Tommy Clark Power Absorption / Power Fusion


Name Power(s)
Monica Dawson Muscle mimicry
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation
Charles Deveaux Telepathy
Eric Doyle Physical manipulation


Name Power(s)
Phoebe Frady Umbrakinesis & Activation and Deactivation


Name Power(s)
The German Magnetic manipulation
Hana Gitelman Cyberpathy
Flint Gordon Jr. Pyrokinesis
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis
Gabriel "Sylar" Gray Perceptive comprehension
Samson Gray Perceptive comprehension
Jose Gutierrez Phasing
Oscar Gutierrez Super Strength


Name Power(s)
M.F. Harris Cloning
D.L. Hawkins Phasing
Dahlia Hays Telekinesis & Space-Time Manipulation (artificial)
Cassandra Hays Space-Time Manipulation & Telekinesis (artificial)
Alejandro Herrera Reversing effects of Plague secretion
Maya Herrera Plague secretion (lost)


Name Power(s)
Sue Landers Lie detection
Daniel Linderman Healing powers


Name Power(s)
James Martin Shape shifting
Ando Masahashi Power amplifying (artificial)
Trevor Mason Plasmakinesis (artificial)
Eden McCain Suggestion
Isaac Mendez Precognitive painting
Daphne Millbrook Advanced human speed
Adam Monroe Rapid Cellular Regeneration
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation


Name Power(s)
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation (partial)
Ishi Nakamura Healing powers
Farah Nazan Invisibility


Name Power(s)
Miko Otomo Electronic Media Jumping


Name Power(s)
Matt Parkman Telepathy, Precognitive painting
Matt Parkman Jr. Technopathy
Maury Parkman Telepathy
Angela Petrelli Precognitive Dreaming
Arthur Petrelli Power theft
Nathan Petrelli Flight (artificial)
Peter Petrelli Power Replication
Danny Pine Metal mimicry


Name Power(s)
Claude Rains Invisibility
René Memory blocking, Power negation
West Rosen Flight


Name Power(s)
Micah Sanders Technopathy
Niki Sanders Advanced human strength (artificial)
Alice Shaw Weather control
Dale Smither Advanced human hearing
Ted Sprague Radiation emission
Tracy Strauss Cryokinesis (artificial)
Mohinder Suresh Advanced human strength (artificial)
Samuel Sullivan Terrakinesis


Name Power(s)
Zane Taylor Liquefaction


Name Power(s)
Usutu Precognitive painting


Name Power(s)
James Walker Cryokinesis
Molly Walker Clairvoyant detection
Benjamin "Knox" Washington Super Strength
Candice Wilmer Illusion
Alex Woolsley Underwater breathing
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