Monica Dawson is the second cousin of Micah Sanders and has the power to mimic any skill or talent that she witnesses.

Volume 2

Volume 2 ended when Micah ran off to beg his mother, Niki, to help him save Monica from a burning building. Niki agreed and the drove off with Micah to save her. Nikki arrived to the building, and rushed inside to save Monica. She pulled a pillar out of the way, allowing Monica to escape, but sacrificing herself in the process.

Volume 3

Monica returns supposedly in One of Us, One of Them along with Micah Sanders in a deleted scene. It will be included in the Season 3 boxset.

Volume 4

Monica overlooking New Orleans

Monica is helping the people of New Orleans with Micah's help. After thwarting a burglary, Monica was captured along with Nana and Damon. At an airplane hangar, Monica, along with Nana are hooded, drugged and dressed in an orange jumpsuit. They are seen being loaded onto the plane. However, Claire didn't undrug and unhood them as the plane fell down. They survive, but are recaptured.


  • Adoptive Muscle Memory: Monica has the ability to copy any physical movement she sees so long as it is within her physical limit meaning she can't copy anything that requires an ability. She has copied many skills such as cutting a tomato into a rose, a wrestling move, gymnastic moves, and parkour. Whenever Monica copies a physical motion she goes into a trance where her body does the motion instinctively such as when she cut a tomato rose, played the piano, or stopped a robber with a wrestling move she performed all these things without realizing until after she performed them.


  • The second instance of her muscle mimicry, where she stops the burglar, is the 619, the finishing move of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio. She "learns" the move after watching a Pay-Per-View match between Mysterio and Randy Orton.
  • When Monica and Micah shared the jump rope scene, the song playing in the background was 'Boyz' by M.I.A, or Maya Arulpragasm. She is a Sri Lankan/English music star.
  • She only appears in Volume 2. Though there is a deleted scene of Season 3 where she does appear. She does appear in Volume 4 as one of the hooded prisoners.
  • Monica went into hiding after the Peace Summit in Odessa blew up.
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