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Noah Bennet was a major character and anti-hero from the NBC drama Heroes played by Jack Coleman. In the Heroes Reborn series he has become the hero.

Character Overview

At first glance, Noah Bennet appears to be an ordinary businessman who works at the Primatech Paper Company and lives in Odessa, Texas, with his wife, Sandra, and two children, Claire and Lyle. However, he and his associates have actually traveled the world for a number of years investigating superhuman phenomena and tracking down and experimenting on people with these abilities. Bennet lives in a world of "morally gray" and is considered a Company Man, doing anything the company asks of him. However, his true allegiance is to his family.

Season 1

Noah Bennet first appears in "Genesis", the first episode. He is found in the apartment of Chandra Suresh in Madras, India. Chandra's son Mohinder enters the apartment, but leaves quickly after realizing Bennet is there as well. Bennet seems to notice Mohinder and later follows him to New York. There, Bennet is one of Mohinder's afternoon passengers during his job as a taxicab driver. Bennet begins pleasantly referencing his travels and stating that he'll be happy to see his family again. The conversation turns as he mentions personal facts about Mohinder, ultimately resulting in Mohinder fleeing his own cab. Finally, Bennet comes home to Odessa and greets his family. The next morning in "Don't Look Back", Bennet's daughter Claire states her desire to meet her biological parents. Bennet is reluctant, but doesn't outright say "no". After Claire gets home from school, Bennet says he'll start contacting the adoption agency and look for her biological parents. After a happy Claire leaves the room, Bennet is seen watching a videotape of Claire demonstrating her healing abilities.

In "Collision", Bennet is first seen standing over Matt Parkman, who is strapped to a gurney. Bennet calmly converses with Matt, advising him to relax. Bennet also checks the readout of a machine used to gauge when Matt is trying to read Bennet's mind. Bennet explains that The Haitian is blocking Matt's powers. Nevertheless, Matt is able to pull the name "Claire" from Bennet's mind. Bennet is impressed by Matt's growing ability and then tells the Haitian to "go deep" with Matt, who is last heard screaming. That morning, back at the Bennet house, Bennet finds that a distraught Claire has just come home. Bennet assumes from his daughter's bare, muddy feet that she was out all night. Bennet has to get to work, but states that they'll talk later. He is then seen monitoring Nathan Petrelli, who has just had a one night stand with Niki/Jessica Sanders. Bennet tells the Haitian to kidnap "just the one" (Nathan).

In the next episode, "Hiros", Bennet and the Haitian attempt to force Nathan into a car, but he escapes by flying away. Bennet is then seen at Texas hospital visiting Claire. Claire explains that Brody is a rapist and attempted to force himself on her. After speaking to one of his victims, Claire was motivated to do something. She only wanted to "scare" Brody, but as he sat in the passenger seat and said he wouldn't stop raping girls, she ultimately crashed his car intentionally. Claire begs her father not to tell anyone. Bennet calmly says he'll take care of it. He then appears in Brody's room, followed by the Haitian. He says that his daughter is going through 'a confusing time', telling that he knows of her powers. Bennet tells the boy that he is being given a chance to start over in life and instructs the Haitian to "hollow him out" and "take everything" (erase all of Brody's memories, including that of his own name).

Finally, in "Better Halves", Bennet has set up a meeting between Claire and his two associates, Hank and Lisa, who Bennet is presenting the two as Claire's biological parents. While carefully watching the interaction with his wife Sandra, Bennet receives a call from Eden McCain, his spy in New York. Eden relays information about Mohinder, Isaac Mendez ("the precog") and the message "save the cheerleader, save the world." Bennet is disturbed by the last part, but regains his composure. Bennet tells Eden to prevent Mohinder from leaving New York and to "bring in the precog." After Hank and Lisa exit the Bennet home, Noah Bennet follows the two outside and thanks them for their service. At this point, his wife, Sandra, lets slip to Claire that they'd had problems finding her birth parents in the past and that she was surprised that Noah Bennet managed to do it now.

Bennet asks Isaac, whom Eden persuaded to come with her, to help him to prevent Claire from being murdered by Sylar at her homecoming game the next night. Bennet has collected three previous paintings Isaac created depicting a terrified Claire close-up, running up the bleachers in a football stadium, and lying dead on the ground with the top of her skull removed. When Isaac is unable to paint without the use of heroin and resists taking the drug, Bennet orders Eden to use her powers to make Isaac believe he wants to use the drug.

Bennet becomes frustrated after Isaac is unable to paint something that makes sense to him. When Eden protests his actions, Bennet shows her a series of photographs depicting Sylar's dead victims—all with their brains removed from their heads—and says he is determined to save his daughter from such a fate. He orders Eden to go to the homecoming game and look for Sylar and grounds Claire to prevent her from being killed. However, Bennet later discovers that Claire snuck out and he worriedly runs to the school to find her. When he arrives, he is too late to stop Sylar from attacking the cheerleader in the pictures. Bennet soon discovers that the victim was not Claire, but Jackie Wilcox, one of Claire's fellow cheerleaders. A relatively relieved Bennet soon reunites with his daughter and insists they go home while the police handle things. Claire says that she has something to tell her father regarding her uncanny survival.[5]

In the episode "Fallout", Claire's father reveals that he knew about her powers long before she was aware of them. He acknowledges doing things he was not proud of to keep her safe, and tells Claire that Sylar had been taken care of, but that she must keep silent about her powers because she is in danger from others like him. Bennet later meets with Sylar, confined in a prison cell, and tells him that the cell is keeping his powers suppressed. Sylar taunts Bennet telling him that Bennet is just like him. In their next confrontation, Bennet turns the taunt back at Sylar telling him how they plan to study him to determine what makes him "tick." Sylar boasts that he would escape and kill Claire, taking her healing abilities. Eden suggests using her powers to persuade Sylar to kill himself, but Bennet declines (though briefly tempted), as he takes orders from someone higher up. Bennet later takes Claire to the police station, where she is interviewed about Jackie's murder. Officer Parkman is unable to read the thoughts of Claire or her father since the Haitian is hiding behind a nearby corner. Afterward, Bennet orders the Haitian to wipe the memories of his son and Claire's friend, Zach.[6] When Claire finds out that the two of them have lost all memory of her powers she rings her father in a panic. It is left open whether it is only then that he orders the Haitian to wipe Claire's memories or whether he has already done so.


In "Godsend", Bennet believes Claire's memory has been erased. Claire acts as if it has, as well. However, Bennet and Claire are slowly drifting apart. At Primatech Paper, the FBI investigates the building as well as Bennet and his associates. Though they find nothing, Officer Parkman knows Bennet's up to something and has realized that Bennet kidnapped him. Bennet is unfazed, however, and simply tells Matt "good luck" in regards to his vendetta.

Next, Bennet shows up at the apartment of Mohinder Suresh in New York. Mohinder is defensive, recalling Bennet's past actions. However, Bennet means him no harm, and even mentions Eden. Soon, he makes a proposition. Bennet tells Mohinder that together they could make a difference, and asks Mohinder to join him. Mohinder says he isn't interested, but Bennet leaves his card anyway.

Bennet returns to Sylar's holding area in "The Fix". There, he finds Hank telling him that Sylar's vital signs are highly irregular and he may be dying. Bennet tells Hank to keep him alive, referencing orders from his superiors to that effect. Furthermore, he states that Sylar will "die on [Bennet's] terms," not his own. At home, Bennet finds Claire and Zach are "working on a school project" together, according to Claire. Claire also acts as if she'd rather not spend time with Zach. Bennet, however, tells her that she had been friends with him and encourages her to see if they might not find something in common. After Zach and she go upstairs, Bennet gets a call from Hank. Hank states that Sylar has died, which Bennet replies is "less than ideal." Bennet then tells Hank to prepare Sylar "for shipping." Back at Sylar's cell, Bennet finds the body of a dead Hank where Sylar should be. Bennet then turns around to find Sylar calmly standing in front of him. Sylar asks about Bennet's daughter and then states his intentions to kill her. After telekinetically throwing Bennet against a wall and playing with the lights, Sylar leaves Bennet trapped in the cell. Later, at the Bennet home, he and the Haitian narrowly save Sandra from Sylar. Although Sylar escapes, Bennet is confident he will catch the killer. After the Haitian wipes Sandra's memories yet again, Bennet is called by Isaac Mendez. Mendez is revealed to be working with Bennet, as he relays information about Peter Petrelli.

In "Unexpected", Bennet and the Haitian manage to track down Peter and Claude. They fire Tasers at Claude, but Peter unexpectedly utilizes his powers to stop the electrodes and fly away from them. Bennet is then called by Claire, who tells him that Sandra has collapsed for unknown reasons. Bennet heads back home, and is confronted by his daughter in the hospital, where she reveals that she remembers everything that the Haitian was supposed to erase. Afterward, the Bennet family returns home, where they are confronted by Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman.

The episode "Company Man" begins with the hostage-taking of the Bennet family by Ted and Matt, who searching for answers. Noah Bennet has revelations about his company during this situation, showing that he initially came to work for "The Company" under the supervision of a man named Thompson, and partnered with Claude. He is eventually ordered to kill Claude, because Claude apparently was hiding "one of them" from The Company. During the confrontation with Ted, Thompson comes through the back door and shoots Ted, who goes into an uncontrolled radioactive state. Noah Bennet and Matt escape the house, while Claire tranquilizes Ted. After this, Matt and Ted are taken to the paper factory. Thompson asks Bennet when Claire should be showing up at the factory. It is at that moment that Bennet realizes he's too attached to Claire. The graphic novel Family Man reveals that, at this point, Noah Bennet decides that he must do what he can to save Claire and "bring down the people [he] work[s] for." Having noticed that he is being followed by someone from The Company, Noah Bennet drives to a cybercafé and sends a message to Hana asking for help, which she agrees to do. The episode ends with Noah Bennet taking Claire to the same bridge on which he shot Claude so many years ago. The Haitian shows up, and Bennet instructs the Haitian to shoot him in the stomach, then "Go deep" and wipe anything out of his memory that could lead "them" to Claire. Bennet and his daughter tearfully hug before Claire is forced to leave her father. The Haitian follows the order, then takes Claire away to protect her, as instructed.


In "Parasite", Bennet is questioned by Thompson; he claims that the last thing he remembers is driving home Sandra from the hospital. Later, before Noah Bennet is about to leave on business, Sandra tells him that she is only pretending to have had her mind wiped, as he told her to do; and that he had told her everything about what he really did, who he works for, and what happened to their daughter. She gives him a note that he left for himself, warning him not to look for Claire because she is with friends. Then, Bennet and Candice travel to New York to clean up Isaac's mess. Upon his return home, Bennet tells Sandra that they both have to pretend that they have no idea what has happened, and that Primatech has to be stopped for good to ensure Claire's safety. Sandra then transforms back into Candice, and other members of the Company, including Thompson, enter the room behind her.

In ".07%", Bennet is now in the custody of Primatech, in a solitary cell. His will to protect Claire is challenged by Candice, who shapeshifts into Claire's form; Bennet recognizes the ruse right away and tells her and Thompson that he does not know where Claire is and will never give her up to them. Thompson threatens to kill Bennet, but Bennet notes that if they really wanted him dead, they'd have killed him by now. Thompson tells Bennet that he is merely waiting on orders to do so. Realizing that the only hope of stopping Thompson and his superiors will be to escape from Primatech, Bennet telepathically gives instructions to Matt Parkman, who is also being held prisoner, on how to break out of his cell. Matt is then told to fetch Ted from his cell so that Ted can generate an EMP to shut down the power at Primatech, which will then allow them to break Bennet out of his cell. Matt is reluctant to go along with the plan, and Ted doesn't trust Bennet, but eventually, the three of them work together to escape.


Over breakfast at the Burnt Toast Diner, Bennet reveals that the only way to stop Thompson is to get to New York City to destroy the new tracking system, and he produces bus tickets to take them there. When Matt asks if Mr. Linderman is in New York, Bennet seems surprised by Matt's knowledge of the name. Matt guesses correctly that Bennet was "middle management" and is somewhat incredulous that Bennet seems not to know who was signing his paychecks all those years. Bennet tells Matt to forget about Linderman and that it is more important that they get to New York and destroy the tracking system. Ted casts the deciding vote to go to New York City, and Matt reluctantly agrees to join them on their destination.

After escaping from Primatech Paper with Ted and Matt, the three of them head for New York to destroy the tracking system and the company. In "The Hard Part", Bennet, Matt, and Ted steal a car and head for New York. Bennet reveals that the Company has a new tracking system called the Walker system. He reveals that this system doesn't need radioisotopes or tracers to find you; it just knows where you are. Unbeknownst to Bennet, the Walker tracker system is later revealed to be a little girl, Molly Walker, who has the ability to mentally find anyone in the world, just by thinking about them.

Ted, Matt, and Bennet arrive at Kirby Plaza where Micah Sanders and Molly Walker are located. He is reunited with his daughter, who has been staying with her biological father, Nathan Petrelli, and her grandmother, Angela Petrelli, at the Petrelli mansion in New York. Noah meets Claire's uncle, Peter Petrelli. Upon coming into close proximity with Ted, Peter then notices his hands beginning to glow. Bennet realizes that Peter is absorbing Ted's power, prompting Claire and Peter to become worried. After Peter controls himself, the group splits in two, with Peter, Claire, and Ted going to a remote town in Nebraska, and Matt and Bennet continuing with their mission to destroy the tracking system. Bennet knows where they need to go, but he needs Matt's powers to allow them access. Matt confronts a security guard and convinces him that they know each other and had spoken outside of work the previous night. Upon revealing an embarrassing secret of the guard's, the man lets them in without hesitation.

While waiting for the elevator, they bump into Jessica and D.L., with Jessica surprised to see Matt still alive. The four go up in the elevator together, with Bennet telling them where to find Linderman. Bennet and Matt then get off at the floor where the tracking system is, only to find Thompson waiting for them. Matt saves Bennet from getting shot, only to have Bennet leave him defenseless against Thompson. Thompson then comes up behind Matt, puts a gun to his head, and asks him, "What am I thinking now, Matt?" Bennet comes from the side and says, "Your last thought." killing Thompson with two point-blank gunshots to the head.

The two then proceed to find the tracking system, where both are surprised to find it's a young girl — though only Matt is completely surprised: Bennet claims he knew it was a person, just not a little girl — whom Matt had previously rescued from Sylar, and who thought of Matt as "my hero." Matt protests killing her, but Bennet says it must be done in order to save the others. The two continue to argue until Matt is suddenly knocked out by Mohinder from behind. The episode ends with Mohinder pointing a gun on Bennet while the latter points his gun on Molly, both men threatening to shoot.

Matt wakes up, ending the standoff. Bennet asks Molly to locate Sylar, which she does - he's nearby. He later finds Peter after he passed out from nearly exploding, thanks him for saving Claire and agrees to kill him if it comes to that. He also reveals his first name when he tells Peter, "Call me Noah." In the climax of "How to Stop an Exploding Man", Peter, Noah, and Matt confront Sylar in the plaza. Bennet is immediately thrown against a wall, rendering him incapable of stopping Peter if he explodes.

Season 2

"Four Months Later" the Bennets have gone into hiding, having moved to Costa Verde, California, and assumed the last name of "Butler." Noah takes a subordinate job at a copy store called Copy Kingdom, and makes it very clear that he won't stand for his younger superior's bullying management style. Despite going into hiding, he is still working to take down the Company with the help of Mohinder Suresh. In "Lizards", Noah tells his wife about a series of eight paintings done by the late Isaac Mendez, each depicting the death of a single person. He possesses the first, which predicts the death of Kaito Nakamura, and intends to locate the other seven. At the end of the episode, Noah is reunited with the Haitian; the accompanying graphic novel shows that Mohinder directed the Haitian to Bennet.

In "Kindred", Mohinder finds the last of the eight paintings, this one depicting Noah's death. He is lying on the ground with a bullet hole through the left lens of his glasses. A girl resembling Claire is in the background, apparently being held by someone.

Noah painting.jpg

In "Fight or Flight", Noah and the Haitian travel to Odessa, Ukraine, to find the remaining paintings. While there, he receives a call from Mohinder explaining that Molly Walker has fallen into a catatonic state and he wishes to take her to the Company for observation. Noah is unable to talk him out of it, though he warns that they'll have Mohinder as soon as he relinquishes that which he cares about.

In "The Line", Noah tracks down his old mentor, Ivan. He has the Haitian remove precious memories (marriage day, kids being born, etc.) from the old man one by one until Ivan succumbs and reveals where the paintings are. Knowing that his method of interrogation, as well as trying to use the Haitian to cover his tracks, will alert the Company, he instead opts to kill his mentor, making the affair appear to be a simple home invasion.

In "Out of Time", Noah and Suresh attempt to make sense of the paintings Noah and the Haitian have just found. The one in question is a painting of Suresh holding a Company-issue gun that has just been fired. Noah takes pictures of the paintings in an effort to send them to Suresh, but Suresh refuses, stating his life may be in danger. Afterward, Noah and the Haitian burn the entire collection and Noah returns home. Claire's boyfriend, West Rosen, has dropped by without notice that same morning and made breakfast for Claire. As Noah walks into the house, West sees Noah and remembers who he is. West runs outside and abruptly flies away without being seen by Noah. Having left behind a newspaper detailing the incident with the drunk cheerleader, it ends up in hands of Noah, who sees it as a threat to the family. He confronts Claire and tells her she is putting the lives of their family in danger. Furthermore, he tells her and the family to pack their things, and they are leaving immediately. Claire then calls her father out, stating that he was not being honest about his "trip" he took for "management training". Claire defiantly tells her father that she is not moving anywhere else and walks out of the room.

In "Cautionary Tales", Bob, Elle, and Mohinder arrive in Costa Verde to take Claire. Though they are eventually successful, Noah manages to capture Elle. Noah brokers a trade with Elle's father Bob, getting his daughter Claire back in exchange for Bob's. When Elle breaks free and tries to kill West and Claire, Noah shoots her in the arm. He then prepares to execute Bob, citing that Claire will never be free so long as the Company survives. But Mohinder shoots Noah, mimicking Isaac's painting exactly, and Noah is struck in the left eye and dies. While his family believes him to be dead, the episode ends with Noah in a Company facility, strapped to a gurney and being given a transfusion of his daughter's blood; his destroyed eye subsequently regenerates and he returns to life.[8]

In "Truth & Consequences", Mohinder tells him that he was revived with Claire's blood and that Claire is at home, thinking he is dead. During the episode, with Noah still in the hands of The Company, Bob visits the Bennets' home with an urn telling them that it contains Noah's ashes. In "Powerless", Noah returns to his family, clearly shocking them all as he is allegedly dead. He tells them that he was brought back using Claire's blood, and that he made a deal with The Company which will allow his family to lead a normal life with one condition; he must stay with the Company. Noah then leaves his family.

Season 3

In "The Butterfly Effect", Noah is imprisoned by the Company. Elle releases him from his cell so that he can help in the apprehension of Sylar during the attack on the Level 5 facility. After Elle inadvertently knocks out Sylar and causes a breakdown of the complex security system, Noah -- fearing the worst after seeing Sylar demonstrate Claire's ability -- places Sylar in a cell and makes his own escape. Later, when Noah visits the house and sees Claire alive but traumatized, he explains that he cannot stay as he has to recapture the superhumans who escaped during Sylar's attack, stating "They're villains, Claire, and I'm one of the only people on the planet who knows how to stop them," and even showing her some info on the escapees. Before leaving, Noah tells her that he's enlisted Claire's biological mom, the pyrokinetic Meredith Gordon, to help protect the family.

Going back to the Company to bring the escapees in, Noah, on orders from new CEO Angela Petrelli, is partnered with Sylar, much to his chagrin. When they arrive at the bank where a group of escapees are causing trouble, Noah orders Sylar to stay out of his way and let him handle the escapees, but Sylar uses his sharp tongue to convince the police that they are FBI agents so they can get through. Noah manages to free the hostages, but is then taken hostage himself. Just as Knox and Jesse Murphy (now free of Peter's influence) are about to start beating him up, Sylar enters and stops them both with his telekinesis, also neutralizing Jesse's power. Noah reminds him of the plan, and Sylar replies "You just said that to make sure I didn't." Soon afterward, Sylar loses control, locks Noah out of the bank, and kills Jesse for his power, allowing Knox to escape. Back at Level 5, Noah mentions to the Haitian that he only plans to be partnered with Sylar long enough to ascertain a weakness, to which then he'll kill him. When he chastises Sylar for the death of Jesse, he merely states that "rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight."

Later on, he and Sylar arrive at the home of Stephen Canfield and discover Claire there, having already attempted to capture him, only to find out that he is not truly evil. After Canfield opens up a vortex, which Claire, Noah, and Sylar barely avoid getting sucked into, and escapes, Noah orders Sylar to shut up after he attempts to apologize for what he did, and Claire tells him of Canfield's true colors. He assures her that he would not put someone in Level 5 who didn't belong there, and Claire tells him about Canfield's whereabouts.

When they find Canfield, Noah attempts to force him to kill Sylar in exchange for his freedom, clearly convinced that Sylar cannot be redeemed, but Canfield instead opens up a vortex and sucks himself in, preferring death to becoming a monster. Noah and Sylar take Claire home, and the former assures her that he only does these things to protect her. When Claire, Meredith, and Sandra take down the puppet man Eric Doyle, they call Noah to take him in. Noah is impressed that Claire was able to help take out a very dangerous man, but Claire brushes him off, still angry with him about the Canfield incident and his partnership with Sylar. Noah then asks Meredith to accompany him as a partner.

In "Eris Quod Sum," Noah receives a phone call from Nathan Petrelli, who is Meredith's ex and Claire's other father. Noah and Meredith travel to Mohinder Suresh's laboratory in the loft of Isaac Mendez. Bewildered, Nathan and Tracy arrive and begin to free Suresh's other cocooned victims. There, they meet Tracy Strauss and Nathan. After it's explained to Tracy that Meredith is the biological mother of Nathan's illegitimate daughter, Claire, and Noah is her adoptive father, Noah asks them if Suresh injected anything into their bodies. He advises them to come to the Company to be checked out.

In "The Eclipse", when Pinehearst begins looking for the catalyst needed to perfect Mohinder's genetic modification formula, which is assumed to be Claire, Noah goes into hiding with her at the now-abandoned Canfield house and begins to teach her how to fight, but the father-daughter duo are soon attacked by Sylar and Elle. As their (and everyone else's) powers are negated due to a solar eclipse, Noah is more than a match for them, even dislocating Sylar's arm, but is ultimately forced to retreat when Claire takes a bullet from Elle that was meant for her father. Angered and worried, Noah takes her home where he and Sandra treat her wound, and he decides against going to a hospital, believing it to be minor and unwilling to take the risk of her powers returning while they are there. He then leaves to get revenge on Sylar and Elle for Claire's injury.

Noah tracks Sylar and Elle down at the Canfield household and watches them have sex through the scope of a sniper rifle. Afterward, he opens fire, misses, and then breaks into the house and shoots at them with a Company handgun, hitting Elle in the left thigh and forcing them into a retreat. While looking for them, Noah receives a call from Sandra in which she informs him that Claire is hospitalized. Instead of immediately rushing to the hospital, Noah follows a trail of Elle's blood to a local grocery store. After luring him into a back room, Sylar jumps him from behind, but he is once again outmatched without his powers against Noah's fighting skills. Ultimately, after tossing the ultimate insult ("Poor Gabriel. You always wanted to be special. Now look at you; you're nobody."), he slits Sylar's throat with a box cutter. When he returns home, Claire is understandably angered with him for focusing on Sylar rather than rushing to the hospital. When Claire reveals that she had died in the hospital, Noah realizes something awful: if Claire's powers are back, then so are Sylar's. Indeed, Sylar and Elle, newly empowered, have made it to the Bennet household and are holding Sandra and Lyle hostage. Sylar telekinetically disarms Noah, pins him to the wall, and begins to strangle him with his powers. Claire desperately swears to go with Sylar in exchange for leaving her family alone, but Sylar is unsatisfied with that and begins to cut into Noah's neck, clearly intent on decapitating him. Fortunately, Hiro Nakamura arrives, teleports Sylar and Elle away, and then time-travels with Claire back to the day when his father first assigned Noah to protect her.

When Claire is returned to the present by her grandfather, Arthur Petrelli, she, Noah, Meredith, and her grandmother, Angela, are trapped in Primatech when Sylar initiates the lockdown mode. Noah sends three escaped Level 5 inmates (Echo DeMille, Eric Doyle, and Danny Pine) after Sylar as bait, promising freedom to the first one to kill Sylar. However, Echo and Danny are killed by Sylar, and Eric Doyle is incapacitated. Soon afterward, Noah is led into a trap by Sylar, who locks him in a cell with Meredith, who has been injected with adrenaline, her ability becoming increasingly uncontrollable, and leaves him with a handgun with one bullet. Sylar tells him that he will have to choose between killing Meredith to save himself and explaining her death to Claire, or doing nothing and being burnt to death. However, Claire arrives at that moment, and Meredith, as per Noah's orders, superheats the bulletproof glass of the cell to weaken it, and then Noah shoots the glass to no avail. Claire then bodily throws herself through the window to help Noah escape, which he does. After Claire seems to kills Sylar, she escapes with Noah and Angela after Meredith urges her daughter to escape the fire. Meredith finally loses control of her ability and unleashes a massive explosion. Outside, Noah comforts a tearful Claire as they watch Primatech burn to the ground, realizing Claire's mother Meredith died in the explosion.

In "A Clear and Present Danger", Noah is seen to be working with Nathan Petrelli, Claire's other father who is now a senator. When Mohinder Suresh is running away from Homeland Security, Noah arrives in an SUV and rescues him. As they escape, Noah asks him who he’s been in contact with. They get to the exit only to discover that the hunter and his men have cut them off. Noah apologizes and then tasers Mohinder. When Peter Petrelli arrives at his apartment, Nathan is waiting for him. After he and Peter talk, Nathan smiles and asks for a hug, and Noah tasers Peter from behind. Peter and other captives are put onto a plane. At the end of the episode, Noah is revealed to be the co-pilot of the plane. He is shocked to be found by his daughter Claire, who isn't supposed to be on the plane because she has been given a free pass by her other father Nathan, which makes Claire exempt from the government initiative to capture people with special abilities (in addition to Nathan and Angela). Nathan had just sent Claire home to keep her out of this entire round-up operation but, unseen by anyone, Claire ran away from the limo Nathan put her in and snuck onto the plane as a stowaway to help free the captives. 

In "Trust and Blood", Noah survives the crash of the plane like almost everyone else. He is retrieved by Danko and his soldiers. Bennet chases after the captured heroes and finds Claire and Peter running together. Bennet quickly grabs Claire but wants to shoot Peter. Claire manages to convince Bennet to let Peter run. Bennet takes Claire back to Nathan and Nathan makes plans to send Claire home again. Claire, who is granted immunity and being protected by both Noah and Nathan, is angry with both her fathers for their betrayal of everyone else with special abilities. However, after her fathers try to send her home once again, they step away to discuss the situation and Claire is taken by Daphne. Alongside Daphne, Claire is reunited with Hiro, Ando, Mohinder, and Matt. Though Danko's soldiers quickly find Claire and her friends and shoot Daphne. Matt then uses his powers to take over the soldiers and have them kill themselves. Danko wants to shoot Matt, but Claire takes the bullets for him and gets arrested instead while the others flee. Danko attempts to shoot Claire but Nathan furiously stops him. Her fathers, Bennet and Nathan, finally convince their daughter to return home to Costa Verde, where her mom is revealed to think Claire just spent 2 days looking to college brochures. Bennet, in the meantime, stays, behind looking for the fugitives. When having another shot to take down both Tracy Strauss and Peter, Bennet again chooses not to shoot down Peter and allowing him to escape. After arresting Tracy, Nathan thanks Bennet for not shooting his brother.

In "Building 26," Claire reveals to her mother, Sandra, that Noah has been hunting down individuals with powers, and Sandra forces him to move out. He tells Claire that he will be around, and expresses a desire to be more honest with the family. He is later shown at a bar, where he is drugged and kidnapped by Peter Petrelli, Matt Parkman, and Mohinder Suresh. In "Cold Wars", Noah is being interrogated by Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, and Peter Petrelli. Matt manages to pluck out memories at the expense of Noah being in pain, learning about the operation hunting people with abilities. Noah is rescued by Danko's men, and tells Danko that he will henceforth cooperate with Danko's more heavy-handed approach to their job. However, he later meets with Angela Petrelli, where it is implied that he is working with her against Danko. Their precise goals are unclear.

In "Shades of Gray", Nathan fires Danko as his second-in-command and appoints Noah to the position. Noah takes a call from Claire, who is asking how he managed to live a two-faced life for all this time, but Noah simply tells her he is the worst person to ask, and because she doesn't know which path to take, he doesn't know either. He later warns Angela that Danko is coming for her, but Angela says she is prepared. When Danko witnesses Nathan's ability of flight, he demands to know if Noah knew about it.

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Noah is accosted by Sandra in his hotel room, where she forces divorce papers on him and tells him she doesn't love him anymore. She demands to know where their daughter is but Noah only tells her that Claire is safe, Claire having been saved by her other father, Nathan, once his powers were exposed (prompting the end of Claire's free pass) wherein Nathan flew her to Mexico to protect her. Noah does not divulge any of these details to Sandra, however, and realizes that she isn't really Sandra, but Sylar pretending to be her, as Sandra's signature on the papers is different from all of her other signatures. Discovering this, Noah confronts who he believes to be Sylar masquerading as Sandra in his hotel room, only to discover that it's the real Sandra, who is now scared to death of him and orders him out of the room. After being branded insane by Danko and his men, Noah is forced to run for his life and leave the operation. He is next seen driving up to Coyote Sands. He meets up with Claire, Nathan, and the rest of the Petrelli family, Angela and Peter.

In "1961", he is seen digging graves in "Coyote Sands" alongside with Claire, Peter, and Nathan by orders of Angela, due to her dreams about finding her sister. When the sandstorm hits the place, he is out looking for Claire and then is taken down by Mohinder, who later explains his father's involving in the relocation project. Later, when Nathan returns, Nathan and Noah talk about their mistakes. Nathan, Noah, and Claire have a father-daughter chat about her troubles, during which she revealed her efforts to impress both her fathers but realizes she wanted to grow up too quickly by becoming an agent to help save people. After finding and losing Alice again, he is seen together with Claire and the Petrelli family eating at a diner, when Angela decide they should form a new company as a family; minutes later, they witness another Nathan at a live press conference, and Noah recognize him as Sylar.

Followed in "I Am Sylar", as Nathan leaves the diner and Peter follows him, Noah, Claire and Angela decide to leave too, only to be intercepted in the road by Danko's agents.

In "An Invisible Thread", Noah is captured by the agents operating Building 26 shortly before Danko is framed for murdering several of his soldiers by Sylar. While captured, the two share a brief discussion about forming a partnership, which is ultimately short-lived. Once the two are freed from their cell by Hiro Nakamura, Danko waits for Noah to reveal what he knows about Sylar's plans and attempts to tranquilize him. After Noah is saved by Hiro, he and Angela are horrified to discover Nathan has been murdered by Sylar. To prevent Claire and Peter from learning Nathan died, Noah and Angela send them away to "look" for Nathan. Once Peter and Claire are off looking for Nathan, both kept unaware of his death, Sylar is defeated by Noah, Angela Petrelli, and Matt Parkman. To keep Nathan "alive," Noah works with Angela and Matt to shape-shift Sylar into Nathan's likeness, fill him with Nathan's memories, and bring Nathan's personality to the forefront of Sylar's mind, thereby allowing Sylar to assume Nathan's life posthumously. After disbanding Building 26's personnel, the money is reallocated on "Nathan" and Noah's advice by the President into a new supervisory branch. When asked what to call this branch, Noah suggests, "The Company."

Season 4

In the wake of the events from "An Invisible Thread", "Orientation" shows that Noah Bennet has begun to revive the Company under the auspices of the United States government, but with a slow start. Tracy Strauss is still unaccounted for and appears to be murdering anyone who had a hand in her incarceration.

Despite her attempt on his life, which Bennet survived with the help of Emile Danko, he refuses to start hunting down superhumans as a vigilante, preferring instead to try and start the new Company under better pretenses. While eating in the restaurant underneath his apartment, Tracy Strauss approaches him, apparently to taunt him of his impending death. However, Bennet offers her a unique opportunity to simply walk away; if she does, he pledges to get Danko off her trail—permanently. After recruiting The Haitian to erase Danko's memories, Tracy shows up to kill him, only to find that Danko no longer remembers her. As she leaves, she hears Danko being attacked by an unknown assailant, Edgar, from the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, only to be attacked herself. Afterward, she calls Bennet who discovers a key the assailant was after on Danko's body.

Throughout these events, Bennet also tries to help Claire adjust to her new life in college while managing his own divorce from Sandra. Bennet calls Peter Petrelli to help him check out the safe deposit box that it opens, which Peter agrees to for the opportunity to gain the attacker's power of super speed. They are attacked only once they find a single, antique compass in the safe deposit box, though Peter gains the upper hand and forces a retreat. Afterward, Bennet holds onto the compass halfheartedly, feeling that it is a dead end.

After being attacked later for the compass and barely surviving it, Noah calls Tracy both to talk about her new adjustments and for her company. The two share a meal together that Peter left behind to console Noah. In "Acceptance", after a visiting, Claire imparts some sage advice, Noah begins to realize that he wants to return to doing what he's good at, namely investigating superhumans. Then, Tracy seeks Noah advice as well, and he gives her the same message his daughter told him: return to the basics to understand where to go from there.

In "Tabula Rasa", Peter comes to Noah looking for a healer to save Hiro's life; Noah drops the name of Jeremy Greer, a past target of a bag & tag mission, so both teleport to Cainan, GA. After finding Jeremy's power change from heal to kill when he got angry at his parents, killing them, Noah helps him conquer his fear of killing anyone else, and then he is able to heal Peter; Noah states that his own power is to understand people with abilities. Peter leaves once he mimicked Jeremy's healing touch, but Noah stays to assure Jeremy will get the help he needs, mainly because Noah feels he let Jeremy down in the past.

In "Strange Attractors", despite Noah's effort to cover up Jeremy's parents' deaths, the local sheriff holds him, so Noah enlists Tracy Strauss to help Jeremy start over. Once Jeremy is out, the townspeople believe Jeremy is guilty of the charge, and frightened by them Jeremy accidentally kills a man, so he is taken by the police again, away from Noah and Tracy. They come across his dead body that night and lament their failure. Tracy tells Noah to never call her again, and both agree to go their separate ways.

In "Once Upon a Time in Texas", 3 years ago, during the time he worked for Primatech Paper as the events of Volume One "Genesis" unfold (Seven Minutes to Midnight), Noah is shown to share a special bond with fellow company agent Lauren Gilmore, who was his confidante when Noah cannot tell his family about what his job really entails, especially Isaac's paintings involving Claire. Noah and Lauren share a kiss at Lauren's motel room while sharing a romantic moment. However, Noah stops the kiss, feeling that he is cheating on Sandra, and he and Lauren apologize for letting it get out of hand. Once back at the headquarters, Lauren gives him an envelope, in which he finds a note from her telling she got the Haitian mind-wiped any memory of her crush on Noah, so they could work together without any concern, and then writes a note to Noah to let him know this.

In "Shadowboxing", Noah appears at Becky Taylor's sorority house with the Haitian. Claire notices her friends have been mind-wiped and argues with her father about what he is able to do with people around her, fearing they will erase Gretchen's memory as well. Once Claire and the Haitian go to check on Gretchen, Noah is out to find Becky at her room, and despite her being invisible, he states he knows how to deal with her because he once had an invisible partner (Claude). Becky confesses why she attacked Claire; Noah killed her father while she was a kid during a bag & tag mission. Noah misses her when two girls enter the room. Back to Claire, he found Samuel Sullivan with her. Getting protective, he handcuffs Samuel, but Becky comes in taking down Claire and Noah. Samuel takes Noah's taser and shocks Becky stating he knows she is messed up. Noah tries to attack him, pushing Claire away. After Samuel and Becky are gone, Noah apologizes to Claire, and then leaves. Once at his apartment, he looks at several files labeled to being Samuel's including the mysterious sinkhole that destroyed a manor (Ink).

In "Brother's Keeper", Noah gets home to find Claire and Tracy sharing a quality moment, and notices a frozen foot at the coffee table. Both girls state nothing happened.

In "Thanksgiving", Noah invites Claire to his first Thanksgiving dinner so he won't be alone with Sandra and her new boyfriend. At the grocery store, he runs into Lauren Gilmore, whom he jokingly admits to be "stalking"; she then helps Noah shopping. Once Claire arrives at Noah's apartment, Claire notices Lauren, referring to her as Noah's date, which he refutes; once Sandra and Doug arrive, Sandra mistakes Lauren for a maid; after correction, Sandra believes Lauren to be Noah's date too. During dinner, Claire confesses her decision to drop out of college, which Noah is immediately opposed to. After Claire cuts herself and Doug faints, she and Noah discuss the clippings on Noah's wall; Noah insists Samuel and the carnival are dangerous and shows her the compass. Gretchen then appears, and tells Claire she was invited by Noah as Claire was feeling bad those days. Once everyone is leaving, Noah assures Claire she has many options, unknowing she later takes this advice to visit the carnival. Before leaving, Lauren asks Noah to go out and watch a movie someday.

Bennet Thanksgiving.jpg

In "The Fifth Stage", Lauren appears at Noah's apartment ready to go out in their date, but Noah noticed Claire took the compass. He realizes Claire must be heading to the "Sullivan Bros. Carnival", so Lauren decides to help him using her CIA contacts. Later that night, Eli shows up at the place looking for the Primatech files, surrounding Lauren and Noah with clones; both attack the clones and hide in the bathroom to arm themselves. Once out again, they notice Eli and clones are gone, and they took the files with them.

In "Upon This Rock", Noah is seen at Nathan's funeral when Claire arrives, having just been devastated by the news that Sylar murdered her other father. In "Let It Bleed", Noah offers to take his daughter to Nathan's wake but Claire angrily refuses. She is furious with Noah over Nathan’s murder and horrified he helped transform Sylar into her other father. Claire reminds Noah that Sylar tormented her, killed her father Nathan, and that she loved Nathan but, for the past several months while Noah and Angela knew the truth, they let her hug and love a man she believed was her father but was actually Sylar dressed up in Nathan's face. Noah admits that he did the wrong thing and that he did it to keep Sylar detained and Nathan "alive" at the same time but Claire is angry and tells him she needs some to time to grieve her father, without being reminded of the truth.

In "The Wall," in order to turn Claire against her father, Noah, Samuel has Damien use his powers to project Noah's memories in the House of Mirrors. It's shown that Noah started out as a too-honest used-car salesman who had a pregnant wife until she was killed by a man with telekinetic powers during a robbery which sent Noah after him looking for revenge. He also becomes a lot less honest. When he finds a man with powers, Noah demands the location of the killer's location which the man doesn't know and attacks him. Noah is forced to kill the man, the first time he ever killed anyone and this brings him to the attention of the Company who recruits him. In order to curb his more violent tendencies towards specials, they have him marry Sandra who is a waitress at a restaurant where he and Thompson eat together. Though Claire is horrified by the origin of her parents' marriage, Noah assures her he really did love Sandra despite their arranged marriage. Her opinion of him doesn't change for the worse, so Samuel locks them in a trailer together and buries them underground in order to force Claire to witness her father's death while she survives due to her powers.

In "Brave New World," after being rescued from near-death by Tracy Strauss, Noah, Claire and Lauren travel to the Carnival to stop Samuel's plan to kill thousands of people. While Claire tries to convince the carnies of the truth, Noah tries to find Samuel, but is caught by Edgar. Once he clarifies that he is there to stop Samuel and not to hurt anyone else, Edgar, who also wants to stop Samuel, teams up with him to do so. The two arrive in time to back up Claire's allegations that Samuel killed Joseph and was responsible for the death of Lydia and what he plans to do. When a brainwashed Eli backs them up, the carnies believe them and abandon Samuel who starts his earthquake while Noah and Claire try to get everyone to safety. Thanks to Peter battling Samuel, Noah and Claire have enough time to locate Hiro and Ando and have them teleport all of the carnies away. Noah stays behind to finish the job and arrives after Peter defeats the powerless Samuel who collapses in despair at everyone's abandonment of him. Noah has him arrested and covers up the incident with the help of Lauren until Claire climbs the Ferris Wheel to expose her powers to the world which he tells Lauren is breaking his heart. Noah watches as Claire jumps off the Ferris Wheel in front of all the news cameras.

Heroes Reborn

In "Brave New World (Reborn)"

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In "Odessa"

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In "Under the Mask"

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In "The Needs of the Many"

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In "The Lion's Den"

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In "Game Over"

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In "June 13th - Part One", Noah is at the summit with Hiro, they don't have much time to find Claire and stop the bombs. There were six bombs that all went off at the same time, 11:14. He wants to call in a bomb threat but Hiro says that they must step on the smallest butterfly. Agent Stevens approaches him and tells him that Claire is at the Summit. Noah(2014) shows up shortly after but they don't notice each other. Noah(2014) approaches Stevena and asks about Claire and Hiro, Stevens is unaware that this isn't the same Noah he was just with. Present day Noah Bennet and Hiro go into his office, they hear a noise and hide in a secret room, then Noah(2014) and Erica Kravid enter the office, They get into a fight which leads to Erica "benching" Noah(2014), then security take him away. Angela shows up and tells him that Claire is at the hospital, so he goes with her. He and Angela arrive at the hospital only to be told that Claire died to in child birth, she was pregnant with twins, he is completely shocked. He doesn't believe she is dead due to her healing ability but the doctors say that she died of cardiac arrest, then they bring in his grandchildren.Caspar Abraham shows up in containment, Noah(2014) can't believe that he sided with Erica. Caspar makes the security forget everything that happen, Caspar has chosen to be on Noah's side. Noah goes to the morgue and finds Claire's body, he's crying and he apologizes to her, he promises to keep her twins safe. Hiro tells him that he couldn't stop the bombs because that would result in stepped on butterflies. Hiro tries to take them back but he can't. Caspar and Noah(2014) notices the dark sky, they know it isn't natural, so he grabs Caspar's gun and shoots it into the sky and tells everyone to run then the building explodes, then he sees Molly Walker. Present day Noah finally understands what he made himself forget, he made himself forget that he hid Claire's children from Erica. He and Angela send the twins to 1999, so that in the present day they'll be teenagers, Erica and Renautas are looking for two, 1 year old babies, they have no idea that the twins are actually teenagers. Noah names the girl baby Malina after his mother.

In "June 13th - Part Two", Noah(2014) and Caspar are at St. Judes, Noah(2014) spots his present self and follows him, he stops himself from killing Erica, but she still gets shot in the leg. Both Noah's are in a supply closet with Caspar and Molly Walker. Present day Noah asks Molly to see if she could locate Hiro Nakamura. She can tell that his power is in Odessa, he and Molly leaves. Noah(2014) must forget everything he's learned that day but he is taken by a Prime clone. Noah(2014) is captured, held at gun point by Prime then Matt Parkman enters the room, he's working for Renautas. Matt reads Noah's(2014) mind, he learns that Claire is dead, she died in child birth. Then a penny rolls in the room, thus making Noah forget everything. Harris realizes that he's now useless, Harris tries to shoot him but Caspar knocks him out and Matt lets them go. Molly and present day Noah find a much older Hiro. He raised Tommy as his son along with Anne Clark. Noah realizes why Claire died, she couldn't heal due to Tommy's power, he took her ability. Caspar takes Noah(2014) back to the explosion site and makes him forget. Noah(2014) is completely oblivious to the events that have just taken place then he meets his future Finace Julia for the first time. Present day Noah and Tommy left the house and has found Angela. Angela tells Noah about the terrible dreams she's been having recently. He tells Molly to be careful because Erica will come after her powers. Tommy then sends him back to his own time. Noah has been sent back to the present day, he's in Midian, then Present day Quentin Frady who should be dead but isn't calls his name, Noah then tells him everything that he's recently learned.

In "Sundae, Bloody Sundae", Noah and Quentin are headed to Carbondale, Illinois to find Tommy Clark. He arrives at St. Peter's Hospital, finds Tommy and tells him about his destiny and that he has to get to Odessa, Texas to meet up with Malina. Tommy and Emily teleport back to the hospital. Noah wants to know where he's been at, Tommy tells him that Caspar Abraham was killed at Moe's Ice Cream Shop. Tommy tries to teleport him and Noah out, so that they can find Malina but he can't, his abilities aren't working. The lights go out, it's The Shadow. He tells Tommy to run but he is stopped by Quentin, who has a gun pointed at him, Noah is stunned, he now understands that Quentin is the butterfly. He's changed his time and now Quentin is working for Renautas. Noah wants to kill Phoebe but he can't because Quentin threatens to kill Tommy if he does, so he lets Phoebe and Quentin take him. Noah goes to Moe's only to find officers on site and Caspar dead, in a body bag then he sees Malina and they hug.



  • Despite the iconic nature of his nickname "The Man with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses", Noah Bennet actually wears browline glasses. Likely as a nod to this irony, in a flashback sequence in Company Man, Noah actually tries on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, only to be told by Claire that they make him look like a "grandpa".
  • Noah is one of the only Heroes who has no abilitiy.
  • He is responsible for the creation of Sylar, having Elle stop Gabriel from killing himself and then bringing on the chain of events that drove him to kill others and take their powers.
  • Noah and Hiro time traveled to the past to save Claire and stop the summit from blowing up.


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