Noah Gray_Cabey
Noah gary
Character: Micah Sanders
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: November 16, 1995
Place of Birth: Newry, Maine, USA

Noah Gray-Cabey born November 16th, 1995 in Maine. He is the an american actor and musician who plays Micah Sanders. He went to Paraclete High School in Lancaster, CA and graduated in June 2011.

Musician CareerEdit

His music career began at a very young age, he performed classic piano at various locations throughout Australia, England, Jamaica, etc. Only at the age of five, he became the youngest soloist ever to perform at the "Sydney Opera House" with a orchestra.

Acting CareerEdit

Noah, is best known for his role as "Franklin" in "My Wife and Kids" but this isnt all he's known for, he's also appeared in "ghost Whisperer", "CSI:Miami", "Grey's Anatomy". He even appeared on the big screen as "Joey Dury" in "Lady in The Water".


  • He is enrolled in Harvard class of 2016.
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