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In 1991, Hiro teleports himself and Claire on to Charles Deveaux's rooftop in Manhattan and watch from hiding as Kaito gives baby Claire to Noah in the past. Claire recognizes Hiro and tries to talk to him, but he understands very little English. They watch as Kaito warns Noah not to get too close to the baby and calls young Hiro along and they go below to see his mother. Hiro follows and sees his mother Ishi, who is ill, and Kaito asks how she is doing. She informs Kaito that she is dying and it will happen tonight, and they have to make arrangements for the catalyst. He warns that it will never be the same but she says he must think of the future. Ishi says she wants to keep it in the family but Kaito says that isn't possible. Young Hiro notices when a dove in a cage nearby is dying. He brings it to Ishi as Kaito walks away, and both Hiros watch as she kisses the dove, healing it. Both Hiro and Claire realize what they have to do: Hiro needs his mother to heal his memory, and Claire needs to stop them from making her the catalyst. As Claire goes after Noah, Kaito comes in and sees Hiro, and mistakes him for the new chef. Hiro plays along and goes to the kitchen.

On a beach in Costa Verde, Sylar is covered in fresh blood and receives a phone call. Arthur asks him where Claire is and Sylar says she disappeared into thin air and he's no longer interested. Sylar tells Arthur that he knows Arthur isn't his father and has a whole new list of people with abilities. He goes through Elle's contacts list on her cell phone and finds a variety of names, including Sue Landers. Arthur tells him to come see him and Sylar says he will very soon. Sylar hangs up and then covers the dead Elle with gasoline and sets her on fire with a lightning spark. Sylar then says a mournful goodbye as he witnesses her cremation.

At Primatech, Angela gives a gun to Peter and tells him he’s their only hope to dispose of Arthur with one shot to the head. The Haitian is there and Angela says one shot to the head is all that it takes. The Haitian warns that Arthur is too powerful to be contained and Angela says that Arthur would kill Peter or Nathan. She explains that he tried to kill Nathan and that’s why she poisoned him. Peter doesn't believe her but she insists there’s no other way. Peter thinks for a moment and then takes the gun.

At Pinehearst, Tracy is talking to Arthur when Nathan comes into the office and wonders what Tracy is doing there. She says she’s there to do her job and find him opportunities. Arthur wonders what Nathan is doing there and he says he now agrees with Arthur's vision but he's going to take over Pinehearst and will work out of his office. When Arthur points out he made Nathan, Nathan says that Arthur wouldn't have gone to the trouble of setting him up if Nathan wasn't important to him. Tracy supports Nathan, saying Arthur wanted a legitimate face for Pinehearst. Arthur reluctantly agrees.

Tracy shows Nathan Arthur's recruits.

As they talk in the corridor, Nathan says that he's angry at Tracy for going behind his back. She insists she's on her side and Arthur's vision will put Nathan in the White House with her as First Lady. As they walk away, Knox and Flint watch them. Nathan and Tracy go into a basement facility and explains that in the past powers have gone to people at random, but now they've chosen the best. She shows him the platoon of 50 Marines that she recruited assembled from Parris Island.

Sixteen years ago, Sandra brings baby Claire home. Claire, who has followed, runs forward and helps her open the door, and introduces herself as Bonnie, niece of the next-door neighbors, the Monacos. Claire offers to help show her how to take care of the baby and Sandra admits she's unprepared to take care of a baby. Claire asks about Noah, and Sandra says that he isn't home very often and just got a promotion. Sandra says she’s already in love with baby Claire and Claire says she should keep an eye on her.

Sue Landers arrives at her private office and finds Sylar disguised as a deliveryman. She realizes that he's lying instantly with her ability. Sylar closes the door behind her using telekinesis. She asks what he wants and he says he wants to understand how her ability works. He explains he needs to find out the truth about something but she says he doesn't really want to know. He slams her into the wall and begins to open up her skull. As she collapses to the ground, Sue's co-workers come in with a birthday cake and Sylar turns to them, covered in blood, says, "Cake!" and then telekinetically closes the door.

Nathan talks to one of the Marines and asks him what he knows about the program. The sergeant, Scott, doesn't know anything specific and Nathan explains that the drug they're developing will change his life in ways he can't imagine. Scott talks about when he was in Iraq, and his platoon came under attack and on the trip back, he wondered why he couldn't have been better. He figures that if he had been more than human, his comrades would still be alive. Nathan says that he understands.

Daphne brings Ando and Matt to Ditko.

Daphne carries Ando and Matt to Manhattan to the bike messenger service and tries to find the sketches from Isaac. The dispatcher says they don't keep records and he couldn't show them if they did due to city regulations. Matt says he's lying and uses his telepathy. He discovers the dispatcher knows about Isaac’s sketches and he’s skimming company funds. The dispatcher agrees to give them the sketches and goes in the back to get them out of the safe. Ando wonders why Daphne is helping them and she claims she feels responsible. Matt says she's doing it because she's a good person. Looking outside, they see the dispatcher escaping on a bike with the sketches. They start to go after him but Daphne says she'll handle it. She uses her power to get in front of him and he crashes, then surrenders to her.

Sixteen years in the past, Hiro is trying to cook supper for his mother and overhears Kaito and Ishi talking about Hiro. Kaito plans to call Noah to have him bring baby Claire back. She wants to give Hiro her "light" but Kaito thinks Hiro is irresponsible due to his interest in video games and comic books. Ishi says Kaito has to give him a chance but Kaito says Hiro never listens and will never amount to anything. The young Hiro Nakamura hears them talking from the dining room and tells Hiro that Kaito is probably right.

Claire is talking to young Claire about her future when Noah comes in and asks who she is. She again introduces herself as Bonnie and Sandra comes in. Noah wonders why she left Claire with a stranger and draws her away for a moment. He returns and asks Claire who she really is, since he knows the Monacos don't have a niece. Claire says she's there to protect baby Claire and tells Sandra to go to the bedroom. Claire says she knows he's scared and echoes his own thoughts about being warned not to get to close. He wonders if she's a mind-reader and she admits it's something like that. She says that he'll have the baby for at least sixteen years and he has to protect her from so many terrible things, but they'll love each other. He wonders how she knows all this, and the phone rings. Claire says not to answer it, that it's the Company and they'll take Claire away for a minute, but he can't let that happen to "Claire-Bear". He considers what she's said and smiles at the thought of the name "Claire-Bear", then puts the phone down without answering it.

Ishi heals Hiro's memories with a kiss.

Hiro serves Ishi waffles, and she says they’re her son's favorite. She says she's not very hungry and thinks he looks familiar. He admits that they’ve met and says she's his mother and he is Hiro Nakamura. He explains he travels through time and space, and he loves her. She believes him and they hug. She asks him to tell her everything about her life and he explains he has amnesia. He asks her to help him remember and she kisses his forehead. Hiro's memories return and he tells Ishi he remembers everything, including how much he missed her. She asks him to tell him about his life and he explains that he has saved the world twice. He also tells her that he and Kaito grew to love and respect each other, and his father lived to see him become a hero. Now Hiro says he has the chance to save the world again and asks her for the catalyst so he can defend it. Ishi explains that Kaito is calling Noah now and Hiro insists he's strong enough to keep it safe. She says that she always believed in him and touches his chest. The light spreads into his body, but she dies in the process. He says farewell to her and says she taught him how to be a hero.

In the present, Peter and the Haitian are driving through Manhattan and Peter claims he's thinking about how things would be simpler if they didn't have powers. The Haitian asks about his concerns about killing his father, and points out that it's the same part that wants to save his family. Peter insists that Arthur and Nathan are his responsibility and refuses to give the Haitian the gun when he asks for it. As they drive through traffic, they pass a building with the split-world graffiti on it.

Sylar leaves Sue's office in the elevator and notices a nervous looking man. He asks if anything is wrong and senses when the man is lying.

The dispatcher returns to Matt and the others and says he found it in the messenger's office after he was fired. He gives them the sketches and leaves. The sketch shows Hiro with the caption, "Hiro Nakamura: Lost in Time". Matt and Daphne think it might simply be a promotional cover. The next sketch shows Claire looking out over the city.

Sixteen years in the past, Claire is on Charles Deveaux's rooftop looking out over the city and waiting for Hiro. He informs her in English that he has the catalyst and the light is in him now. Arthur appears behind them and telekinetically shoves Claire away. Before Hiro can do anything, Arthur telekinetically pulls him toward him and extracts both the catalyst and Hiro's power, and then telekinetically shoves him off the edge of the building. He walks over to Claire and tells her to deliver a message to tell Angela it's over. He sends her back to the present, and then goes back himself. Below the rooftop, Hiro is clinging to a flagpole and calls out if anyone is there.

In the present, Matt, Ando, and Daphne find the sketch of Hiro clinging to the flagpole. Daphne thinks it's a good thing because if Arthur gives people powers, there could be someone with time travel to go back and save Hiro. Ando wonders if it's him and prepares to go find the formula, then wonders how they can find it.

Arthur, Tracy, and Nathan go into Mohinder's laboratory and Arthur releases the catalyst into the partially-completed formula. Arthur smiles in triumph and asks if they’re ready to change the world.

Peter prepares to shoot his father.

Peter and the Haitian walk into Pinehearst and the Haitian renders a security guard unconscious. Tracy orders 50 doses but Nathan says they need to test one Marine and Arthur senses something. He says it’s a "minor inconvenience" and goes outside to find Peter waiting for him. Believing Peter is there to defect, Arthur is happy to see him until Peter points his gun at him. Arthur tries to telekinetically disarm him, only for his power to fail. The Haitian steps into view and Peter accuses Arthur of trying to destroy the world. Arthur disagrees and says Peter doesn’t have the nerve to kill him.

Mohinder prepares to give the sergeant the first injection and Nathan wonders where his father is. Tracy says that Nathan is in charge now and Nathan tells Mohinder to go ahead. The sergeant notices Mohinder's mutation and starts to panic, and Nathan tells him it's okay. Mohinder gives him the injection and Scott starts to shake. Mohinder isn't sure what's happening.

In Arthur's office, the Haitian warns he can't hold Arthur’s powers back much longer. Arthur offers to give Peter his powers back and the Haitian tells Peter to shoot him now. Arthur derides Peter as spineless and says that he can't believe that he is his son. Then, just as the Haitian collapses, Arthur telekinetically cuts Peter, leaving a scar on his cheek. Peter fires the gun at Arthur missing the bullet as he cuts Peter… and Sylar freezes the bullet telekinetically then disarms Peter. Sylar asks if Arthur is really his father and Arthur says he is. Sylar uses his newly acquired power to tell he's lying. Sylar says Peter isn't a killer but Sylar is. He then releases the bullet, which goes though Arthur's head, killing him. Sylar says Peter doesn't have anything he needs and leaves. Peter tells the Haitian to go after Sylar. He picks up his gun and stands over his father's body, quietly telling him that it's over.

In the laboratory, Scott breaks free of his bonds with enhanced strength and manages to regain control of himself. Nathan asks how he feels. He stands up and yanks the chair out of the floor and throws it through the glass, embedding it in the opposite wall, then says he feels good.

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Sylar Kills Elle because of what she had done to him.

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