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Precognition is a power to flawlessly foresee future events.


The power to flawlessly predict the exact futures, observe what will happen, and possess knowledge and insight of the events to come, with no mistakes and 100% certainty. User intuitively; understands what is going to happen and knows how to deal with it. Automatically deducing the path leading to any future, allowing them to plan, analyze, and take action with absolute certainty and efficiency, making the most optimal decision in any scenario/situation. 





  • According to NBC.com's interactive map, Byron Bevington possesses precognition. (Heroes Evolution)
  • According to Chandra's journal, a Brazilian teenager potentially had this power. (Seven Minutes to Midnight)


Isaac Mendez

Isaac always made prophecies in the form of paintings or drawings.

When painting a prophetic image, Isaac entered a trance-like state and his eyes became completely white. He was largely unaware of his surroundings in this state (He did not enter such a trance when making prophetic sketches.).

Isaac was able to depict the past, the present, and the future. 9th Wonders! graphic novel that Isaac created (namely, Issue #14) contains events from both the present and future timelines (see here for more information). Additionally, at least one of his series of eight paintings depicts a scene from 1671.

Peter Petrelli