Induced Radioactivity is the evolved-human ability to generate and manipulate radiation in several different varieties of ways. The possessors can create great heat, electromagnetic pulses and lightning-like effects.

Also CalledEdit

  • Induced radiation
  • Radiation manipulation


The possessor also seems to be completely impervious to the effects of radiation, like the heat and can generate as much as they want without harming themselves. It is unknown, however, if the effects come from an external source if they will be harmed or if they are impervious to all types of radiation. The power is manifested at first when the possessor is angry or experiencing grief, these are when the effects begin and it is usually difficult to stop and can cause pain and stress. Ted Sprague, the only recorded person to have the ability naturally, accidentally killed his wife and gave several people radiation-related illnesses (cancer, etc.) just by being in their area. The direct effects of the ability vary, Ted was able to control it to the point where he could boil a glass of water. As for Sylar, in an alternate future, he was capable of devastating and destroying the entire city of Costa Verde in the episode I Am Become Death. At first control of the power is limited and it manifests when extreme emotions are felt by the possessor but seemingly with time comes more control.

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