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Sandra Bennet is Claire Bennet's adoptive mother. She was the wife of Noah Bennet but she ended their relationship after a barrage of lies. She is also the mother of Lyle Bennet and guardian of Mr. Muggles. Sandra currently lives in Costa Verde, CA with her son while Claire is away attending college.

Character History

[edit] Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Sandra Bennet: Season One History. [1][2]Sandra spends quality time with her daughter.Mrs. Bennet is protective of Claire: She tries to persuade her husband not to give in to her daughter's request to see her birth parents; when Claire needs stitches for her cut hand, it is Sandra who accompanies her to the hospital. Also, when Claire ends up in a car accident, Mrs. Bennet is first to arrive at the emergency room.

When Sandra Bennet is unable to stop her husband from tracking down Claire's supposed birth parents, Mrs. Bennet is surprised not that her husband disregarded her request, but that he was able to find them so quickly. Mrs. Bennet notes that Claire was thought to have a congenital disorder when she was younger, and that Mr. Bennet was unable to locate them then to see if they could help. Mr. Bennet keeps Sandra unaware of incidents involving his other work by using the Haitian to repeatedly erase her memory, but fails to help her when she suffers a brain hemorrhage. Mrs. Bennet learns the truth about Mr. Bennet's work and her daughter's special ability when Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman hold her hostage and burn down their home. However, when the situation is resolved, Mrs. Bennet appears to forgive her husband and agrees to covertly work with him.

[edit] Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Sandra Bennet: Season Two History.

Sandra, Noah, Claire, and Lyle all move into their home in Costa Verde. She ties to be a normal mom by asking how everyone's day was and such. Noah then shows her a painting of Kaito Nakamura's death and that he needs to find the other seven in the Series of eight. When they find the last one, with Noah's death on it, Sandra has to ask Claire if there's a boy. She says no, but then West Rosen comes to the house and makes waffles for the family. When Bob Bishop comes and takes Claire, Noah and West go to get her. But when they return, Sandra breaks down and cries because Noah was shot and he died. When Bob Bishop comes into their home, she holds him at gunpoint at the head. Bob tells her he was delivering an urn with Noah's ashes inside. Later, Sandra watches as Claire scatters the ashes along the beach, and gets ready to move to Salt Lake City, Utah. When they are packing, Sandra tells Claire not to expose the Company and then Noah comes back to life and he says that he made a deal with the Company to leave his family alone.

[edit] Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Sandra Bennet: Season Three History.

Sandra comes home to find Claire Bennet after being attacked by Sylar.  Noah calls in Meredith Gordon to help protect the family while Noah is away, but Meredith doesn't help out any with the drama. She lets Claire skip school even though Sandra told her she couldn't. Sandra yells at Meredith saying that she doesn't know anything about Claire or how to take care of her. Later, Claire tells Sandra she is going to a cheerleading retreat, but actually goes after Stephen Canfield. When Meredith and Sandra realize Claire lied, they go through the files of the Level 5 escapees and Meredith decides to go after Eric Doyle. After Noah brings Claire home, Sandra and Claire team up to save Meredith from Doyle, but things go wrong when Doyle makes them and Meredith play a game of Russian roulette to decide which of them is killed. Sandra is forced to shoot Claire, and then unaware of Claire's ability, Doyle is subdued by Claire. When they come home, they find Lyle has been attacked, and Elle Bishop was there. Claire and Elle form an alliance and decide to go to Pinehearst. Sandra doesn't like this alliance. Later, Noah brings Claire home after Elle shot her but she mysteriously isn't healing. Noah says not to take her to the ER, and leaves. Claire then gets sick, and Sandra takes her to the ER, where Claire dies, then comes back to life. When they return home, Elle and Sylar are there threatening the family. Hiro suddenly appears, makes Sylar and Elle disappear then disappears with Claire. [3][4]Sandra is upset with Claire's actions. Soon after returning from her college road trip with Noah, Claire tells Sandra that Noah was busy capturing people with abilities. When Noah comes home, Sandra and him fight. The fight ends with Sandra telling him to move out of the house. Later, Sandra notices that money is missing. She accuses Claire and finds out that she is hiding Alex Woolsly. Claire lies, saying that Alex is her new boyfriend, but Sandra doesn't believe her. She says she knows things; like that Danko's team is waiting outside the house, and agrees to help Alex escape. Sandra makes a fake driver's license with Lyle's license, and she and Lyle distract the agents while Alex and Claire run away. Then, Eric Doyle comes to their house looking for help. Claire says that she can't help him and then feels bad about it. When Claire's free pass is taken away because Nathan's ability has been exposed, agents come looking for Claire but Nathan saves his daughter before they can take her and flies her to Mexico to protect her. Unaware Nathan took Claire to Mexico, Sandra goes to Building 26 and asks Noah where Claire is. Sylar takes the form of Sandra to trick Noah. Then, Noah goes to the real Sandra's motel room and threatens to kill her, believing that she is Sylar in disguise. She weeps, trying to ask why he's doing it, and when Lyle calls, he knows he's made a mistake and tries to apologize. She says that it's too late and she doesn't trust him anymore.

[edit] Jump, Push, Fall

Noah tries calling Sandra, but an unfamiliar man answers the phone. This shocks Noah, and when the man passes the phone to Sandra, Noah immediately hangs up.

Later, Claire comes to stay at their home after Annie dies, and when Claire returns to school, Sandra comes and meets Gretchen.

[edit] Ink

Claire tells Noah that she misses her mother and her brother.

[edit] Acceptance

Noah is filling out his divorce papers from Sandra, and Claire comes to see him. She says that she is worried about how he is without her mom. Later, Sandra can be seen in a family picture on a table in Noah's apartment.

[edit] Hysterical Blindness

Becky Taylor tells Claire that she's from Sandra's sorority, Psi Alpha Chi.

Later, during GTKPPSD, Claire tells a prospective pledge that her mom raises a show dog.

[edit] Strange Attractors

During the sorority scavenger hunt, Claire reminds Gretchen that her mom was in that sorority too.

[edit] Once Upon a Time in Texas

Noah talks to Sandra on the phone and tells her that he wants to be at Claire's high school for her homecoming. However, he can't control his job. When Lauren asks Noah what is wrong, he says he wishes he didn't have to lie to Sandra.

[edit] Brother's Keeper

Sandra can be seen in a family photo on a table in Noah.

[edit] Thanksgiving

Noah invites Claire to Thanksgiving, saying that he does not want to be alone with Sandra and her new boyfriend. Later, Sandra arrives at Noah's apartment with Doug, Mr. Muggles and Miss Lovegood. She sees everything that Noah has done and is genuinely impressed. Then, when Lauren comes out from the kitchen, Sandra mistakes her for a hired cook. Lauren corrects her and Sandra assumes that Lauren is Noah's date. Noah denies this.

The family sits and eats dinner and Doug explains that he and Sandra met at the groomers because Mrs. Lovegood was attracted to Mr. Muggles. Sandra smiles and asks how Noah and Lauren know each other. Noah answers that they worked at Primatech together and Sandra demands to know which one he is talking about. Lauren is surprised that Sandra knows about the real Company and Sandra coldly says that her memory can only be erased so many times. Doug clears the icy tension by saying that he is thankful for Mrs. Lovegood and Sandra. When Noah says that he is thankful for Claire, Sandra agrees. She then learns that Claire does not want to go back to school, as Gretchen has moved out. When the family tries to tell Claire that she will be fine, Claire angrily cuts open her arm and Doug faints.

While Noah talks to Claire in another room, Sandra watches over Doug with Lauren. Lauren tries to talk to Sandra and insists that Noah only hosted Thanksgiving to try and convince Claire that her family could work together. When Sandra and Doug have to leave, Sandra informs Claire that she convinced Doug he fainted due to his peanut allergy.

[edit] The Fifth Stage

Noah grieves about everyone he drove away with his suffocating need to control, including Sandra.

[edit] Upon This Rock

At the carnival, Claire overhears Lydia arguing with her daughter Amanda and laughs, telling Lydia that it sounded just like the arguments she used to have with Sandra.

[edit] Pass/Fail

Sylar tells Claire that they were both raised by parents who didn't understand them, meaning Sandra for Claire.

[edit] The Wall

When Samuel has Damian show Noah's memories, one of them is Noah meeting Sandra, who was working as a waitress.

[edit] Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

On her honeymoon with her new husband Noah Bennet, Sandra plays with a dog, shouting to her husband that when they return home they should get one.

[edit] Memorable Quotes

"This is so awkward. I've got lip sweat."

- Sandra (Better Halves)

"It is so funny how all y'all call him Mr. Bennet over there. I've always just known him as — Stop that you, no more shoes!"

- Sandra (to Sylar, then distracted by Mr. Muggles) (Distractions)

"Well, aren't you sweet?"

- Sandra (to Sylar) (Distractions)

"I don't have a dog. I don't know any Mr. Muggles. And I don't know you."

- Sandra (to Claire) (Run!)

"Your father always said, 'one of us, one of them.' I'm one of us."

- Sandra (to Claire) (Dying of the Light)

"If she gives you any lip, just toss a glass of water on her... Lyle style."

- Sandra (to Claire about Elle) ("Eris Quod Sum")

"Get out."

"Sylar's a shape shifter. He came to me, as you. You filed for divorce, you changed the locks-"

"Probably a good idea."

- Sandra, Noah (Turn and Face the Strange)

[edit] Notes

  • Sandra often appears distant, aloof, and comically flaky. She has more recently demonstrated symptoms of a severe neurological disorder, including headaches and progressive amnesia. These problems may result from having her memory erased by the Haitian "so many times".
  • In a possible future timeline, Claire, in hiding, uses the name "Sandra". In that future, Sandra Bennet is estranged from her husband. (Five Years Gone)
  • In Turn and Face the Strange (which probably takes place somewhere between 2007 and 2009), Noah says that he had been with Sandra for 22 years, meaning they probably got married somewhere between 1985 and 1987. However, in The Wall, Noah's memories show that he didn't meet Sandra until after 1988.


Sandra Bennet was a loving housewife to Noah Bennet, mother of their son Lyle and adopted daughter Claire, and caretaker of the family pet—Mr. Muggles. Believing her husband to run Primatech Paper Co., she was initially oblivious of his double life.


  • Did you know that the actress who plays Sandra, Ashley Crow, is married to the actor Matthew John Armstrong who plays Ted Sprague?
  • Her first name, Sandra, is the shortened version of "Alexandra", the female version of "Alexander". Alexander roughly means "protector of man".
  • Her last name, Bennet, is a variant of "Bennett", meaning "blessed".
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Sandra is listed as being 41 years old.
  • According to the file Mohinder keeps on Claire (which includes a birth certificate), Sandra's date of birth is June 8, 1967 and she was 24 when Claire was born. It should be noted that Sandra did not give birth to Claire but it is common for adopted children to be given new birth certificates with their adoptive parents' names.
  • The Bennets' Nissan Armada has Texas license plate number VM1 QTB.
  • Sandra is a long-time fan of the band Def Leppard.
  • Sandra is skilled at making fake IDs. She used them as a teenager to sneak into concerts.
  • Sandra was originally believed to have married Noah in 1985, but it has been since revealed it was after 1988. It is unknown if she truly believes they were married in 1985 or it is a continuity error.
  • Sandra's bank account number is 2008772098. (Turn and Face the Strange)