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Simone Deveaux was an art dealer and the girlfriend to two of Season 1's main characters, the other being Isaac Mendez. She was the daughter of Charles Deveaux.

Character Overview

Volume One

Simone entered her father, Charles Deveaux's, apartment while awakening Peter Petrelli, her father's nurse, from a dream. She apologized and Peter informed her that Charles had been comatose for a week and that he is close to dying. After Simone expressed her thanks to him, Peter hinted that he wanted to ask Simone out on a date but Simone stated she already was seeing somebody else, which left them both in an awkward situation.

Simone approached Isaac Mendez, an artist and her boyfriend, while he was destroying his paintings. She was shocked that he was destroying such fantastic paintings but Isaac stated that he didn't remember painting any of them as he was high on drugs when he made them. He explained to Simone that the paintings were "evil" as he showed Simone a painting of a bus on fire which he painted three weeks ago. Isaac showed Simone a newspaper report that depicted the exact same picture and that the attack happened the day before. He believed that something was wrong with him but as she begged to help him, Isaac yelled at Simone to leave.

Back at her father's apartment, Simone was searching the apartment for morphine and asked Peter to come with her because he is a nurse. They arrived at Isaac's apartment where they found Isaac unconscious because he had an overdose of drugs. Simone desperately called 911 but Isaac suddenly recovered stating, "we have to stop it." He pointed to a large painting on the ground of New York City exploding. ("Genesis")


Simone originally had dated Isaac ,but she left him due to his drug problem. Later she started a relationship with Peter Petrelli.


Simone was shot accidentally by Isaac Mendez in season 1.


Simone's father, Charles, possessed the ability of Telepathy which implies that the genes where carried down to Simone, but she never displayed these powers on screen or even showed any knowledge of them at all.

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