Stephen Canfield was a Level 5 escapee. He was an advanced human with the ability to create and manipulate black holes.

Character Overview

Volume Three

Life Before Capture

Stephen was raised alongside his older sister and parents in Manhattan and attended a predominantly white private school. It was here he obtained his anger problems which caused him much problems later in life. He later changed to a military school which he graduated from (Assignment Tracker).

He then moved to Los Angeles and began a relationship with Elizabeth who he impregnated, they later married and he had two more children. He also had difficulty in finding work as he had been fired from a used car dealership and would let his anger out on his family. He felt distant from them and began to experience more emotional problems (Assignment Tracker).

At an unknown point before March 2007, Stephen got into an argument with a neighbor who he lost his temper with, and accidentally created a black hole which pulled in his neighbor. A police investigation followed and he was taken from police custody by Noah Bennet for the Company and locked away on Level 5 (Assignment Tracker, "Angels and Monsters").


While Elle Bishop was being attacked by Sylar, she let out an outburst of electricity which knocked out the grid which kept everyone imprisoned, allowing them to escape, though Stephen was not seen ("The Butterfly Effect").

Returning to his former home, Stephen tried to make contact with his family, but there was no answer, so he pulled the phone into a black hole. Not long after, Claire Bennet entered and managed to taser him having found his profile. Stephen was held by Claire in his home, with her pointing a taser at him. He however managed to pull it into a black hole and told Claire to leave, to her shock. After hearing what had happened to him she felt sympathy towards him, and gave him contacts for his family. He arranged to meet them at the Griffith Park Carasouel that evening. At that point, Noah and his new partner Sylar broke into the house trying to capture Stephen. He managed to distract them by creating a black hole and fled ("Angels and Monsters").

Stephen commits suicide.

That evening he went to meet his family, but they didn't show up, which he told Claire. Having been told by Claire (who was under the impression Noah just wanted to talk with him) where Stephen was, Noah and Sylar arrived. Noah holds Stephen at gunpoint and states that if he kills Sylar (who is standing away by the car), he will let Stephen be free rather than taking him back to Level 5. Claire tried to reason with Noah, but he would not listen. Angered and upset, Stephen stated he would not be a monster and pulled himself into his own black hole, presumably killing him, or possibly in another dimension. ("Angels and Monsters").

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