Sunstone Manor
Location: One day drive from Los Angeles, California
Role: Secret EVO prison

Sonstone Manor is a unauthorized prison facility that captures EVOs and performs multiple tests on them. A lot of people aren't even aware of it's existence.


The EVOs are evaluated and this determines whether or not if they are "critical to the organization". In efforts to speed up the process and capture as many of them as possible. Sunstone put out word to anyone interested that each EVO brought in is worth 10k. It was said by James Dearing that there's something weird about this place. The EVOs that have been captured don't seem to want to leave there. It was later revealed in Sundae, Bloody Sundae that Matt Parkman is the director of Sunstone. Which explains why no one is leaving, Matt is preventing them from wanting to leave. Throughout the building, there are several rooms just for testing EVO abilities.





  • Sunstone Manor is owned by Erica Kravid. It's the first piece of property she ever purchased.


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