Picture Name Portrayed by Occupation Superpower(s) Status
Claude Claude Christopher Eccleston Former Primatech employee Invisibility inActive
Hana Gitelman Hana Gitelman Stana Katic Former Mossad agent Cyberpathy inActive
The Haitian The Haitian Jimmy Jean-Louis Former Primatech employee Memory Manipulation, Power Negation Active
Eden Eden McCain Nora Zehetner Former Primatech employee Persuasion Deceased since "Fallout"
TedS Ted Sprague Matthew John Armstrong Former pharmaceutical sales representative Radiation Manipulation Deceased since "Landslide"
Zach Zach Thomas Dekker High School Student/Claire's friend None inActive
JaniceP Janice Parkman Lisa Lackey Wife of Matt Parkman None inActive
File:MeredithG.jpg Meredith Gordon Jessalyn Gilsig None Pyrokenesis Active as of episode 302
SandraB Sandra Bennet Ashley Crow Mr. Bennet's wife/Claire's adoptive mother/Lyle's mom None Active
Candace Wilmer Candace Wilmer Missy Peregrym Primatech worker Illusion Deceased
Mr. Linderman Mr. Linderman Malcolm McDowell Casino/hotel owner Healing abilities Presumably Deceased since "Landslide"
Future Hiro Nakamura Future Hiro Masi Oka programmer Space/Time Manipulation inActive
Mr. Kaito Kaito Nakamura George Takei CEO of Yamagato Industries, Member of the Organization Without Initials (OWI) None/unknown Deceased since "Four Months Later"
Kimiko Nakamura Kimiko Nakamura Saemi Nakamura Newly appointed Executive Vice President of Yamagato Industries, Kaito's Daughter, Hiro's older sister None/unknown inActive
Thompson Thompson Eric Roberts Member of the Organization Without Initials (OWI) None/unknown Deceased since "Landslide"
Lyle Bennet Lyle Bennet Randall Bentley Claire's adoptive brother None/unknown Active
Karen Sprague Karen Sprague ? Ted's wife None/unknown Deceased
Brody Mitchum Brody Mitchum Matt Lanter High school student/football quarterback None/unknown inActive
Chandra Suresh Chandra Suresh Erick Avari Genetics Professor/Cab driver None/unknown Deceased
none Shanti Suresh none Chandra's Daughter/Mohinder's sister None/unknown Deceased
Charles Deveaux Charles Deveaux Richard Roundtree Simone's father, Peter's patient None/unknown Deceased
Nirand Nirand Shishir_Kurup Chandra's colleague, Mohinder's friend None/unknown inActive
  • Note: Most inActives are presumed.