As Sylar travels across North America, he leaves a growing number of victims.


Sylar has used several methods to attack his victims:

Additionally, some victims have the top of their skulls cut off, and their brain removed. Sylar can replicate the special powers of his victims because he has intuitive aptitude, the power to see how things work. (Six Months Ago)

List of VictimsEdit

Name Description Reference Power Taken
Bridget Bailey Bridget is given to Sylar by Angela Petrelli. One of Us, One of Them Clairesentience
Bob Bishop Sylar kill Bob and take his power. The Butterfly Effect Alchemy
Elle Bishop After a romantic fling with Elle, Sylar realizes he cannot change from the monster he is, and slice open Elle's skull before burning her corpse. The Eclipse, Part 2 None (he already had Electric manipulation)
Gael Cruz Sylar mistakenly opens Gael's skull, thinking he is special. Dreams Until Death None
A Danko team squad When Sylar is ambushed by a squad that is attempting to capture him, he easily slaughters them all in Samson Gray's home. A Clear and Present Danger None
David In July 2006, Sylar kills a white male in Chicago. Turning Point Unknown
Dennis A level 5 escapee that Sylar hunts in his solo mission. Viewpoints None
Brian Davis Sylar's first victim (while still known as Gabriel Gray/Gabriel Sylar) was (manual) hit from behind with a large crystal in April 2006. After Brain's murder, Sylar acquired his power of telekinesis. Six Months Ago Telekinesis
Echo DeMille Throat slit at Primatech Research. Dual None
Derek Sylar kill him with a brick at a shop in Mexico. The Kindness of Strangers None
An FBI agent Sylar impale the agent who was guarding Molly at FBI Headquarters. One Giant Leap None
Meredith Gordon Sylar inject adrenaline, causing her to lose control of her power and burn to death. Dual None
Virginia Gray Sylar accidentally kill his adoptive mother when she attack him with scissor. The Hard Part None
Hank The Company medical professional is found dead in Sylar's cell after Sylar fake his own death. The Fix None
Hank (Shadowboxing) Sylar kill him while in control of Matt's body. Shadowboxing None
Alejandro Herrera In a fight over Maya, Sylar fatally stab Alejandro with a knife. Sylar was unable to take away his power. Truth & Consequences None
Homeland Security agents Sylar fight three DHS agents at the Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant; later he slays a group of them inside their van. Building 26 None
Sue Landers Sylar kill Sue on her birthday, taking her powers to determine if Arthur and Angela lied about being his parents. Our Father Lie detection
Dr. Livitz Attempting to save Peter, Sylar Telekinetically throw Dr. Livitz against the wall, impaling him on wall fixture. Eris Quod Sum None
Joe Macon Sylar kills Joe in his office in Pittsburgh, PA. Out of Town... On Business Imprinting
Eden McCain The Company agent of attacked by Sylar through holding cell's glass, but [ shoot herself before he can take her power. Fallout None
Isaac Mendez Don't Look Back,
[Precognitive painting]]
Tom Miller Sylar predent to be Rebel as Danko come for Tom. After having Tom display his power, Sylar kill him with his telekinesis. I Am Sylar Disintegration
Jesse Murphy One of Us, One of Them Echokinesis
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