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Heroes Marathon

I added a special announcement section at the top of the page to let everyone know about the heroes marathon. I will be removing this section on Sunday morning. Jdray 13:08, 16 May 2007 (UTC)

Dates of the shows in the front page


Are the upcoming and recent sections of the Main Page are needed? They have to be updated weekly, and they are currently not.

--‎Dreyesbo- (‎talk) 22:56, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

This Wikia...

This Wikia seems to be so pointless...the admins seemed to just made up another version of http://evolutionactivated.wetpaint.com/

The power names are Non-Cannon such as Sylars power which is actually suppose to be "Intuitive Aptitude" and Peters power which is suppose to be "Empathic Mimicry". Oh then the name that this wikia uses for the Superhumans. They use the name "Advanced", the Superhumans was never Better then Normal Humans at first. They were always Normal until something happened causing their Powers to Manifest. The name "Evolved Humans" better describes the Superhumans then the name "Advanced Humans". Plus there's also the names of Powers which seem to be Crappy like how this Wikia named Superspeed "Advanced Human Speed" and the name for Super Strength which is on here "Advanced Human Strength".

This Wikia sucks!!!!!!!!! It's not Cannon, It's just a smaller, pathetic and crappy version of Evolution Activated!!!

the other heroes wiki is better and uses the proper names of the abilities and is up to date. this wiki is full of mistakes and some pages has notprogressed past volume 3 or 4. not bad effort though but having two wikis of the same show is bad.

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