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Technopathy is the ability to control electronic technology through physical touch or through use of the mind. Technopaths also seem to have considerable intuitive expertise when interacting with, improving or repairing items of electronic technology. It is unknown whether technopaths can interact with non-electronic items of technology, such as purely mechanical items like analogue clocks or bicycles.

In seasons one and two, Micah Sanders required physical contact to use his ability. However, in season 3, he was shown to be able to do it with only his hand hovering nearby the target tech, perhaps indicating an evolution in the skill with which he uses his power, he also carried about a PDA that he was able to use to control security cameras, sprinklers and computer systems by only touching it. Micah has said that his power was to "talk" to machines.

It appears to be related to cyberpathy.

Characters who possess this ability

  • Micah Sanders - his power manifested as a younger child, he was one of the youngest people on the show and is now in his teens. His mother and father also had abilities.