The Company, also known as Primatech Paper, was formed approximately 30 years before the events of Genesis through the efforts of various Advanced Humans, including Angela Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Adam Monroe, Daniel Linderman, Kaito Nakamura, Bob Bishop, Maury ParkmanVictoria Pratt and Charles Deveaux.

Over the years, The Company changed from a group of unlikely friends attempting to change the world into a massive organisation responsible for the abductions of many advanced humans in order to study them and better understand their abilities. On occasion, such as with Claude Rains, the advanced human goes on to work for The Company as part of their "One of Us, One of Them" rule detailed by Thompson and the recruitment of Noah Bennet.

During Volume One "Genesis", The Company is the tool of nemesis Daniel Linderman who uses the connections it affords him to radically alter the world into one desired by his mentor Adam Monroe. Linderman manipulates events from behind the scenes until the final few episodes when he finally reveals his plan and arranges for Nathan Petrelli to be elected Congressman of New York, mere hours before a nuclear explosion devastates the city - thus uniting the world.

Volume Two "Generations" takes the story behind the eyes of The Company as they attempt to recapture the escaped Gabriel Gray and track down Adam Monroe as he manipulates Peter Petrelli into releasing the Shanti Virus and destroying the population of the planet. The founding members of The Company are almost totally destroyed in revenge by Adam after Peter helps him escape from the cell he has been trapped in for the past few decades.

In Volume Three "Villains", the company is run by Angela Petrelli, who enlists the powers of Sylar and Elle Bishop to help her take down the rival corporation Pinehearst, controlled by her not-quite-late husband Arthur Petrelli. It is Arthur's dream to recreate a formula hidden for years by Kaito Nakamura that will artificially embue any normal human with an ability. It is revealed that Nathan Petrelli was given his Flight ability through this method, although Peter's Empathic Mimicry was his from birth. Mohinder Suresh, who was recruited by Pinehearst after his own experiments with artificial abilities resulted in his transformation into an inhuman abomination, uses the formula to cure his mutation whilst retaining his Superhuman Strength. Ultimately, Arthur's vision is ruined as Peter destroys the formula and Pinehearst - leaving his mother, Angela, the last surviving member of the founders of The Company, after the deaths of Arthur Petrelli and Adam Monroe.

Primatech PaperEdit



Agent One of Us, One of Them Ability Notes Known Partners Targets/Captures
Noah Bennet One of Us N/A 20 years of service Elle Bishop, Eden McCain, The Haitian, Sylar, Meredith Gordon Eric Doyle
Eric Thompson Sr. One of Us N/A Recruited Noah Bennet Candice Wilmer Meredith Gordon, Flint Gordon Jr.
Ivan Spektor One of Us N/A Trained Noah Bennet and Claude Rains, among others. Killed by Noah Bennet. unknown unknown
Gabriel Gray One of Them Intuitive Aptitude Serial Murderer, known to kill targets. Noah Bennet, Elle Bishop Stephen Canfield (KIA)
René, a.k.a. The Haitian One of Them Memory Manipulation, Power Negation Recruited by Eric Thompson Sr. Frequently works in the Bennet household, erasing the memory of Sandra and Lyle. Noah Bennet, Peter Petrelli Eden McCain, Nathan Petrelli(failed), Claude Rains, Peter Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Ted Sprague, Ivan Spektor, Baron Samedi, Arthur Petrelli
Eden McCain One of Them Suggestion Killed herself to prevent Sylar from obtaining her power. Noah Bennet Isaac Mendez, Mohinder Suresh
Elle Bishop One of Them Electrokinesis Daughter of Company founder, Bob Bishop. Was groomed for position by her father. Killed by Sylar. Noah Bennet, Mohinder Suresh Gabriel Gray, Noah Bennet
Candice Wilmer One of Them Illusion Can change her appearance as well as the image of the room around her. Eric Thompson Sr. Matt Parkman
Meredith Gordon One of Them Pyrokinesis Was thought to be killed in a fire years ago, along with her biological daughter, Claire Bennet. She is now presumed dead. Noah Bennet Mohinder Suresh, Eric Doyle
Niki Sanders One of Them Advanced Human Strength Mother of Micah Sanders and sister of Tracy Strauss. She dies in a fire rescuing her neice. Mohinder Suresh Maury Parkman
Claude Rains One of Them Invisibility Grew to dislike hunting his own people. With the Company thinking he was dead, he later helped Peter Petrelli learn how to use his abilities. Noah Bennet unknown
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