"When asked to describe his ability, he drew a picture of himself grabbing memories, like little grubworms, out of people's heads. I wanted to put it on the front of my fridge."
―Thompson referring to the Haitian[[Company Man|[src]]]




Bennet, whose plan to destroy the company has been discovered is sitting in a holding cell at Primatech paper. After Candace unsuccessfully tries to impersonate Bennet's daughter, Claire, Thompson enters and asks Candace to leave them alone even though she offers to show Bennet images that would cause him to tear his eyes out because she has more important things to take care of. Thompson asks Bennet if things are ok in the cell or if he needs anything. He offers Bennet a Graham Green novel he has just finished reading which he says ends badly. Bennet tells Thompson he can't tell him where Claire is because he doesn't know. Thompson tells Bennet they are taking it easy on him out of friendship. Thompson is upset because he brought Bennet into the company and vouched for him and then Bennet attempted to destroy the company. When Bennet says he couldn't betray his daughter Thompson reminds him she was just an assignment and it was his own fault he got too close and got sloppy. Bennet does not seemed threatened by Thompson's claim he is on death row because he thinks they would have killed him already if they were going to. Thompson tells him he is merely waiting for the order because that is the way they do things at the company.

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