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Tommy Clark (born Nathan Bennet) portrayed by Robbie Kay is one of the main protagonists in Heroes Reborn. He is an evolved human with the ability of Power Absorption with which he gains Hiro's power of Space-time manipulation. He was the biological son of Claire Bennet and the twin brother of Malina Bennet.


Heroes Reborn

He is at the Canadian border with his mom Anne Clark, discussing the ways Evos are treated in other countries then he notices that everyone in line is being screened to see if they are evolved or not, his mom puts the car in reverse and they drive off. Seven weeks Later, he's in Chicago, Illinois, with several other Evos. They appear to be having a meeting. He tells them that they're constantly moving and are wanted by the law because he can control his power, he receives a text message from his mom and he leaves and bumps into a man and knocks him off his bike. Tommy is at school in the hallway at his locker, he is staring at Emily Duval, a girl that he likes, her boyfriend Brad notices his staring and hits him, Tommy contemplates using his ability but he decides against it. Then he learns that Coach Lewis was killed in Chicago. He is walking in the hallway and Emily approaches him and they start talking about several things, one being that there is a job opening and he should come by, Tommy agrees then he receives a text message saying "don't trust anyone". Tommy gets the job at the ice cream shop. He goes and sits at the table with Luke not knowing that he's the one that killed the Evos the other night then Joanne comes back from the restroom with her gun and takes him out back, Emily follows them out and they try to kill her but he saves her by teleporting them away, he realizes that he just outed himself and he runs away. Emily catches up to him in her car and tells him that his secret is safe with her. ("Brave New World (Reborn)")

Tommy is in a shed next his school with Emily, they're talking about his powers, he tells her that he's had them since he was a kid then he tells her about a place he was taken to when he was seven years old, it was a room with no windows, he thinks about it all the time. Emily asked him if he could use his ability to teleport the flowers somewhere else and Tommy does. Tommy is confronted by Brad, he claims to have seen what Tommy showed Emily in the shed, Tommy tells him that he's not a radical, Brad agrees to keep his secret as long as Tommy does him a favor, so they get in Brad's truck and leave. They arrive at Brad's house and he tells Tommy that his stepdad is abusive, he wants Tommy to get rid of his stepdad then Brad leaves the room but Tommy doesn't have it in him to do it, so he runs away. Tommy is sitting on a bench and Brad come up and hugs him and thanks him, he's under the impression that Tommy got rid of his stepdad when it was really Caspar Abraham. He goes to talk to Emily, he agrees that it's weird that him and Brad are friends, he then tells her about the person that's been watching over him. Tommy sees the flower that he made disappear earlier and realizes how his his power works, the things he make disappear goes to where ever he's thinking of. ("Odessa")

Tommy is in his room doing push-ups, he's getting ready to go to Brad's party. His mom asks who is the girl he's trying to impress, then he tells her he's going to Brad's house to play games but she knows he's lying and she tells Tommy he can't go but Tommy tells her he'll be fine because someone has been looking out for him then he teleports himself past her and leaves the house. He is at Brad's party and Brad thanks him for all of the beer. Tommy sees Emily leaving and he follows her out, they start talking then he sees him om and asks her who is she talking to, she tells him to get in the car. Tommy asks his mom again who was the man she was talking to but she doesn't answer him and then they are hit by another car and their car flips multiple times. ("Under the Mask")

Tommy is in a car accident with his mom, she has been knocked unconscious, Tommy is stuck, so he teleports himself out the car then he goes to the other side teleports his mom to the hospital. Tommy is in the waiting room waiting to hear any news about his mom and then Emily and Brad show up to see if he's okay, he assures them that he's okay, the doctor tells Tommy that they need a blood transfusion, Tommy agrees to give them a blood sample to see if he's a match but Emily doesn't think its a good idea because it could expose him. While giving a blood sample, Tommy looks out the window at the hospital and sees that the sky looks completely different. The doctor tells Tommy that he wasn't a match and that they wouldn't be able to get blood for his mother for at least 6 hours. He's in the janitor's closet with Emily, he tells her that he constantly feels like he's supposed to do something "extraordinary", they get ready to kiss but Emily stops him and they teleport to get the blood. The doctor tells Tommy that he has to go now because his blood sample went to a database and they know he's an EVO, so he and Emily run but they don't get far, he gets ready to teleport but they tell him don't do it, or his mom will never get the blood. ("The Needs of the Many")

Tommy is being registered as a EVO. They install a tracking device on him, so the government can find him at all times. Tommy is being interviewed by a government agent, he wants to know what Tommy is running from, he knows everything about Tommy including all of his aliases. Then the agent tells him he was adopted, Tommy denies it but then realizes that is must be true. He teleports himself away, the agent leaves to go find him but is stopped by Caspar Abraham. Tommy shows up at his house and sees that he's being evicted. He teleports himself to Emily's room, he tells her that everything is so screwed up and that his mom isn't really his mom, he's so upset by this news but Emily is able to calm him down and convince him to go and talk to his mom, Tommy agrees to do it. He teleports into his moms room, they start arguing, he tells her that she's always lied to him. He wants to know where he came from. His mom agrees to tell him everything and then Caspar Abraham comes in. He begins talking with Caspar. Tommy asks if Caspar is his dad, he's not. Tommy wants to know why Caspar has been following him. Caspar tells him he's important and that he will help save the world. Tommy is so overwhelmed with what he just heard, he can't even believe it, so he teleports himself away. ("The Lion's Den")

Tommy teleports himself into Emily's room, they begin talking and then he takes her to France. He and Emily want to go to the top of the Eiffel tower but the guards won't let him because he's an EVO, so they surround him, seeing as he's outnumbered, he decides to teleport away with Emily to a nearby boat. Tommy tells her that he's supposed to save the world and he's not the hero they want him to be, he's not ready. Emily starts telling him about the story of how all of this began, then he sees the 31st issue of 9th Wonders!, he then references Isaac Mendez, he understands that this is his destiny and he's now ready to go back. Tommy teleports her back to her room and he pulls the tracker chip out of his wrist then they start kissing. Template:E

Tommy is at his house watching the Odessa Unity Summit explosion. Then his mom, Anne Clark comes home, she gives him a cupcake and wishes him a happy birthday. ("June 13th - Part One")

Noah Bennet and Molly Walker come to his house. He and his mom, Anne enter the room, Hiro introduces Tommy to Noah Bennet, his grandfather. They are excited and they hug. This Tommy already knows of his destiny and he's ready for it. A M.F. Harris clone comes in through the door, he grabs Tommy but he teleports Prime to the other side of the room where Noah shoots him. He and Present day Noah left the house to find his grandmother, Angela Petrelli, they find her. As to be expected, she's aged 15 years. He wants to go and meet Malina but he can't because he might accidentally steal her ability. Noah and Angela begin talking about the upcoming even while Tommy watches Malina from a far, then he hears them and says that he'll be ready when its his time to save the world. Angela smiles and cry, she says "he really is a Petrelli isn't he?". Then she takes a picture of him with her phone. He and Noah are back at the house, Tommy sends Molly to Chennai, India, so that Mohinder's mother can know the truth. Tommy then sends Present day Noah back to his own time. Hiro tells Tommy to teleport himself, his mom and Caspar some place safe but because 3 clones are at the house, first he gives Tommy a 9th Wonders! comic, he tells him that they predict the future, then they leave. He wants to go back and help his dad but Anne won't let him, so Caspar has to take away the memory of Hiro completely to stop him. ("June 13th - Part Two")

Tommy and Emily are together, he has to leave to go and check on his mom at the hospital but first, he gives Emily a bracelet and she returns to Moe's Ice Cream Shop. Unaware that Caspar has been watching them, according to Caspar, Tommy is on his way. He's in the hallway talking to Quentin Frady and Emily calls, so he goes into the bathroom for some privacy, however it's not Emily, it's Joanne, then he teleports himself to Moe's. He arrives at the ice cream shop, then Caspar throws his suitcase into the air and his pennies fall everywhere, Joanne gets angry and shoots him in the head. Joanne attempts to shoot Emily and Luke tries to stop her but Tommy yells NO!!! and time freezes, he's amazed. He moves Luke's hand to keep him from killing Joanne and then he moves the bullet that inches away from Emily's face over to keep it from hitting her and then he notices Malina in the doorway, Tommy then teleports himself and Emily to safety. Tommy and Emily teleport end up at St. Peter's Hospital. He tells Noah that Caspar is killed. Tommy tries to teleport them out but his power isn't working. Then the lights go out, its The Shadow, Noah tells Tommy to run but he is stopped by Quentin, who has a gun pointed at him, Noah is stunned, he now understands that Quentin is the butterfly, he's changed his time and now Quentin is working for Renautas. Noah wants to kill Phoebe but he can't because Quentin threatens to kill Tommy if he does, so he lets Phoebe and Quentin take him. They take Tommy to Erica's House, they sit down to eat and she tells him her version of how he will save the world. ("Sundae, Bloody Sundae")

Tommy wakes up in a room, he has a strange scar on his neck, he tries to teleport out the room but he can't. Erica Kravid walks into the room, he's in her house because he passed out last night. He wants to know what they did to his neck, she tells him that her scientist ran test to make sure he was okay. Erica tells him his family is okay and then she brings up Noah's past, she then offers to explain everything. He, Erica, Quentin and Phoebe are all in the living room, Erica tells him, her plans, allowing the H.E.L.E to hit and then rebuild earth. He wants to stop the event but Erica assures him that there is no stopping it. He decides that he wants to see the future himself. He gets to the future and sees that its nothing by sand and this is where he decides that he has to do something. Later, he still wants to know why there's a scar on his neck, Erica finally admits that she tried to steal his power but it didn't work, he is upset but he eventually agrees to help. Erica tell him to send Phoebe and Quentin back to the present and he does, then Miko Otomo jumps down. She tells Tommy they need to leave because it's her job to save him. ("11:53 to Odessa")

Tommy and Miko teleport into the garden of Gateway, he asks her a lot of questions and this leads him to the realization that she's "Katana Girl" from the 9th Wonders! comics. Right in front of him, Miko begins to dematerialize, Miko tells him that she's not real. They hear guards approaching, so he teleports both of them out. He and Miko stop to see what else the comic says, it shows Miko at Sunstone Manor, so Tommy sends her there so that she can play her part, he does and is shortly after approached by Erica. He tells her that he sent Miko away because she was going to try and kill Erica. She then request that Tommy takes her to present day Gateway and he does. He and Erica arrive at Gateway present time, Erica explain that she picked the people who would come and she admits that she wasn't truthful in getting them there. He sees his mom Anne Clark and Emily, he hugs them but he then has to leave again. Erica introduces him to Richard Schwenkman and he tells Tommy that the machine will amplify his powers. ("Send in the Clones")

Tommy is approached by Emily on the walkway of Gateway and she tells him not to work with Erica due to the recent exposure of her evil ways. He's well aware of what Erica's done but he believes working with her is the only way to save as many people as possible. He notices that she's not wearing her Gateway watch and tells her to put it on "just in case". Tommy meets up with Erica and it's apparent that he is aware of what Erica has done but he still has to help in order to save as many people as possible. He is hooked up to the Power Amplifying Machine and it is activated, the machine teleported an advanced team into the future. After finishing sending another advanced team to Gateway, he overhears Richard say that they only need 12,000 people in the future, Tommy realizes that he's been lied to and he teleports out. He comes back to Gateway and sees his mom being taken, he freezes time and takes them both to the future. Anne tries to convince him that there has to be another way other than working with Erica, he then teleports them both back to present day Gateway. Tommy takes his mom to a safe place to hide. He meets back up with Anne and tells her that he failed in finding Malina, he wants to go back in time but she's against it, he then sees the broadcast on his mother's phone of Malina and goes to Union Wells High School. He enters the gym but is quickly put into Evernow by Hachiro Otomo. Tommy is locked in Evernow begging for help, for anyone to help him. ("Company Woman")

Tommy tries to find his way through Evernow's maze-like Eternal Fortress. As he does, a cable connects to his neck, allowing Erica to tap into his powers and transport everyone in Gateway 7,957 years into the future. Afterwards, the cable disconnects, dropping Tommy hard to the floor. Tommy continues to make his way through the Fortress where he encounters another Tommy who tells Tommy he can split himself in two and that in the Fortress, time is a circle and he can view his memories. On the Fortress walls, Tommy sees many things including his mother revealing evos to the world, Hiro saying goodbye to him and what happened seven years before when he was taken to Primatech. Tommy witnesses Angela Petrelli testing his and Malina's combined abilities, resulting in some apparent problems before an energy beam shoots into the air. Tommy then runs into his past self, but before he can continue the cycle, he hears Miko and Ren talking outside the Fortress and makes his way to the exit. Ren opens the Fortress, freeing Tommy who acknowledges Miko's salute before returning to the real world. In the real world, Tommy finds himself, Ren, Emily, his mother, Hachiro, and the real Miko Otomo held at gunpoint by Erica and her men. Tommy points out that he can just freeze time to stop her, but Erica tells him that if he changes the past, the future they are in now will be erased along with the thousands of people he transported there, including his mother and girlfriend. Erica tells him he has to choose which world to save as he can't save both and Tommy, telling Erica his name is Nathan, states that he can split himself in two, something he learned due to having "an eternity" to practice his powers within Evernow. Erica tries to shoot Tommy, but he freezes time and successfully splits himself in two. With a smile at each other, one Tommy transports himself to the present while the other remains in the future. ("Project Reborn")

The Tommy in the future begins teleporting everyone in the room to the present, sending Emily back with a kiss. When only Erica is left, Tommy uses the Kensei sword to cut off her transportation watch before seating himself in the control chair for the space-time bridge. Tommy unfreezes time and mockingly salutes Erica before activating the bridge and sending everyone but Erica back to the present. After activating the bridge, the second Tommy merges himself with the other Tommy. The other Tommy teleports to Gateway in Odessa where time is frozen and Malina is unsuccessfully attempting to stop the H.E.L.E. Tommy unfreezes time and takes Malina's hand, but they are unable to control the power boost. Tommy then travels back in time seven years where he witnesses Angela testing his and Malina's powers. Tommy learns that for their ability to combine their powers to work properly, they need a conduit to channel the power through. However, that conduit will die in the process. Tommy then travels to two days before the present and rescues Noah Bennet from death, transporting him back to see the testing. Afterwards, Tommy explains that he tried "a thousand times" to stop the H.E.L.E. with just Malina and failed so he did what Hiro taught him and followed "the tinniest thread, the smallest butterfly" which led him to Noah as the key to saving the world. Even though he knows he will die doing it, Noah orders Tommy to take him to the present to save the world. Tommy and Noah return to the present where Malina struggles to hold back the H.E.L.E. Though Tommy is reluctant to sacrifice Noah, Noah tells him that this is his destiny and extends his hand to his grandson. With no other choice, Tommy and Malina take Noah's hands and use him as a conduit to channel Malina's boosted power into the H.E.L.E. With Tommy boosting her power and Noah channeling it, Malina is able to shield the Earth from the H.E.L.E. and save the world. Afterwards, Tommy and Malina find Noah near death and he tells them he's proud of them before dying, leaving Tommy and Malina crying over his body. ("Project Reborn")

Three months later, Tommy remains in a relationship with Emily and continues to work at Moe's Ice Cream Parlor. After making an origami crane for Emily, Tommy finds a tarot card on a table, a card that Angela tells Malina means Tommy's father is coming for him and his sister and no one can protect them this time. ("Project Reborn")


  • Power Absorption: Tommy has the power to absorb the powers of other Evos possibly through physical contact. He doesn't have control over his ability so he unintentionally absorbs the powers of other Evos. Even though there is no limit to the number of powers he can absorb, he can only use one at a time. Tommy currently possesses Space-Time Manipulation and he demonstrates all aspects of Hiro's ability, Nathan's appears to be more powerful.
    • Tactile Teleportation: Tommy's ability appears to be simple teleportation that he can't control. By touching an object, Tommy can make it disappear but has no idea where it goes. He eventually learns that it goes wherever he's thinking of in his mind and learns to control his ability. By touching his hand to his chest when using his ability, Tommy becomes able to teleport himself and others he's touching. At one point, he indicates his ability is strong enough to teleport the Eiffel Tower if he so wishes. However, this is simply an aspect of his absorbed Space-Time Manipulation.
    • Space-Time Manipulation: Using Hiro's ability, Tommy can teleport any person (including himself) or thing to the location he is thinking of just by touching them. He can also send them through time with a touch and concentration. However, while his absorbed version of Hiro's ability can do the same things Hiro could, his version of the power seems to work in a different way with a different effect than Hiro and other people with the power had. Without his memories, he believes himself to be a simple teleporter, but even without his knowledge of Hiro's training, he is able to instinctively freeze time to save himself and Emily. He is later able to unfreeze just his mother by touching her and concentrating. It's indicated that there are parts of his power he has yet to discover as Anne tells Tommy that his father was always amazed by Tommy's power and stated he could do much more with it than Hiro ever could. Tommy later demonstrated the ability to split himself into two distinct Tommy's, both with the same powers and while linked, able to operate separately from each other.
  • Power Fusion: Tommy has the ability to combine the abilities, his and his sister into a single, more powerful ability. On example of this is how Tommy and Malina can fuse their abilities to create one all powerful ability. But they need a conduit to be able to use it.

Former Powers

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: After being born, Tommy absorbed his mother's abilities to rapidly heal from anything. However, he didn't have the power for too long as he soon absorbed his guardian's power of Space-Time Manipulation which replaced his healing power.

Memorable Quotes

  • "None of this is the prophecy, we're suppose to stop the apocalypse" (11:53 to Odessa)
  • "I'm ready to save the world"(June 13th - Part Two)
  • "Complicated? Okay, Claire Bennet's my mom. I have a sister I've never even met before. Hiro Nakamura, the master of time and space, is my dad. And I'm only technically a year old. How is that complicated?" (Sundae, Bloody Sundae)
  • My name is Nathan, And you can't stop someone who can stop time." (Project Reborn)


  • He is described as (not so) Ordinary High-School Student that wants to live a normal life.
  • He reads the 9th wonders comics.
  • He is adopted.
  • His adoptive mother calls him Nathan when he finds out the truth about himself.
  • Tommy's biological mother is Claire Bennet, his father's nickname is Hammer, though his real identity is still unknown.
  • His twin sister is Malina and they were born on June 13th, 2014, the same day as the Odessa Summit: his power manifested within the womb and took his mother's power. After suffering a cardiac arrest, she was unable to regenerate and died.
  • He is named after his grandfather Nathan Petrelli.
  • He has somewhat of a similar ability to Arthur Petrelli, Power absorption. His current absorbed ability is Space-time manipulation. However, unlike Arthur, he can only hold one ability at a time.
  • Like Malina, he's actually 1-year-old since his step-father (Hiro Nakamura) took him, Malina, and his great-grandmother, Angela Petrelli, 15 years in the past.
  • He is a combination of several character of the original show: the personality of Claire Bennet post-amnesia, the Jumped at the Call attitude of Peter Petrelli pre-amnesia and the power of Arthur Petrelli.
  • It's revealed in June 13th - Part Two that Tommy already knew everything his grandfather told him in Sundae, Bloody Sundae but got his memory erased by Casper Abraham.


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