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After the plane crash, the prisoners go on the run. Matt Parkman sees tragedy in the near future, the powerless Hiro Nakamura vows to stand by his friends, and Tracy Strauss tries to cut a deal with Nathan Petrelli. Meanwhile, Sylar tries to find his biological father and encounters a young outcast with an ability of his own.


A hooded Tracy having her hood be taken off by Nathan

After hanging up, Nathan visits a captured and hooded Tracy, after being unhooded she begs him to release her but he does not comply. Her cries of him being an evolved human are quieted as she is hooded and drugged.

Memorable Quotes

"Your are either Mary or Current Occupant" - (Sylar, to Mary)


  • When Tracy is in the van, we don't hear a single sound from her even though she's not drugged. And she's clearly in a panic considering the way she moves her hooded head inside the van. And Nathan could've just talked to her when she's hooded, as odd as talking to a hooded person is. Also odd is the fact that she doesn't have goggles on her hooded face when she wore them in the previous episode. And even if she still had earmuffs, she would've listened to him anyway, considering a documentary showing a hooded prisoner with a earmuff communicating with a guard.
  • Remember Tracy, because of Nathan, this happened to you.

    Tracy believing Nathan would fulfill his end of the bargain has to be the stupidest decision she ever made. In the previous episode, she was captured, hooded, drugged and was almost sent to a containment facility where she'd probably have to spend the rest of her life hooded and never having a normal life again, all because of his orders. And she almost betrayed Peter, who was stuck on the same boat as her, for that. And even if she successfully betrayed Peter, she still would've been recaptured and rehooded because Nathan would never do that.
  • Interestingly, Tracy is the final fugitive to be shown hooded and unhooded as after this episode, hooded heroes never appear again in person (Exposed doesn't count due to being archived footage) in this volume or even in the graphic novels. The next time a character would appear hooded (ie;with a black sack or a something similar covering their head) in the entire series is in Strange Attractors, an episode from Volume 5.
    • In fact, it makes one wonder why they even bothered dressing their prisoners in jumpsuits with black hoods over their heads as later episodes show that most other superpowered humans are kept constantly sedated in An Invisible Thread.


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