West Rosen is a character who has the ability of Flight.

Character OverviewEdit

West Rosen is a student at a California high school that has found out he can fly. He, like many others with special abilities, has read Activating Evolution, Chandra Suresh's book, and has looked for others like him. He senses something different about Claire Bennet when she joins his science class.

The two get into heated arguments about teenage conformity, each discussion ending with Claire telling West to leave her alone. One time, just as Claire is about to tell him one last time, he simply whisks her up into the sky. On their first date, they spend time on the famous Hollywood sign talking about their secret lives.

Wanting Claire to accept who she is, West constantly encourages her to do acts which may cause her to be discovered by the Company.

Volume 2Edit

West met Claire Bennet in high school. He almost hit her with his car because she was not looking as she crossed the road. Later on in science class, West patronized her. Claire thought that West had a problem with her, so she confronted him about it and the two became more than friends soon after.

The young romance between West and Claire was a rough one. The two had to reveal to each other that they had extraordinary abilities and they had to trust one another.

Later, it was revealed that Claire's adoptive father, Noah Bennet, has apprehended West when he was younger. West was "bagged and tagged" and had marks on his neck area just like the ones Matt Parkman had woken up with in Season 1.

Some time later, West began to trust Noah somewhat and the two worked together to save Claire, who was abducted by Bob and Elle Bishop. Elle wound up hurling a large mass of electricity at West as he flew with Claire, upon rescuing her.

A showdown ensued between Mohinder Suresh, Noah, Elle and Bob. Noah ended up being shot in the eye by Mohinder and his body was taken as Claire tried to get to him. West flew her away, back home.

Volume 5Edit

West is mentioned in Volume 5, in Let it Bleed, where it is revealed by Claire Bennet that he now attends New York University.


Graphic NovelsEdit

In a more recent graphic novel, "Scenic Route", West and Alex Woolsly appeared as Noah made his way to Coyote Sands, and asked him to help them escape from government trackers. Noah helped them make their way into hiding and headed to his destination.


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